“Once You Grab Your First Payday, You’ll Never Put Your Money in a CD Again”

I write about Bryan Perry’s Cash Machine every now and again — he’s generally focused on high-yield stocks, and he has pitched a variety of them over the years, from telecoms to MLPs to BDCs, anything that sports a nice, high payout. This time around, though, he made a promise that caught my attention — […]

Bryan Perry’s “#1 recommendation pays over 20%”

Bryan Perry runs the Cash Machine newsletter, looking for high-yielding investments — and recently a lot of those investments have been MLPs or similar equity investments in the oil and gas business. We sleuthed out his “top pick for 2013″ back in December and that turned out to be a pretty nice pick so far, […]

“My Top Stock for 2013″ (Bryan Perry)

The Investorplace Media folks have gotten awfully quiet lately — I haven’t seen many over-the-top pitches from Louis Navellier or Hilary Kramer of late, and other big promisers like Robert Hsu and Nancy Zambell have moved on or shut down their letters. But over the last couple of days I’ve been getting questions about the […]

“The $1,720 iPhone Miracle! Your BEST investment of 2012!” (Bryan Perry)

It’s been a while since Bryan Perry’s ideas graced the glorious pages of Stock Gumshoe — his Cash Machine newsletter has generally teased high-yielding picks in the past, but it looks like he’s downplayed the “high current yield” bit somewhat for this new teaser. And yes, to be fair, we should note that the last […]

“$4 REIT to Hit $8 — With 18% Dividends Along the Way”

Bryan Perry is fairly active in teasing ideas to garner new subscribers for his Cash Machine newsletter (formerly called 25% Cash Machine before, one assumes, that promise got to be too much to bear), and some of them have been pretty nice high yielders over the years, so when the questions about his latest tease […]

“This One Little Stock Could Double Your Money” Bryan Perry

Here we have another pick from Bryan Perry for his 25% Cash Machine — teasing us, once again, by using the “ex dividend” date and promising that you can get 90 days worth of dividends by buying just in time! As if this is any different from any other company that pays their shareholders once […]

“Safe 21% Income Fund Goes Ex-Dividend: Buy Now”

This ad is from Bryan Perry’s 25% Cash Machine, which I haven’t written about very often — it’s an income-focused letter, but a bit more aggressive than some of them (thus, the 25% Cash Machine title, which clearly stokes heartier fires than, for example, Tom Dyson’s 12% Letter, though their aims are often similar). But […]

“25% Cash Machine: Clean up in Real Estate”

This one just came in from Tobin Smith’s ChangeWave, on behalf of Bryan Perry’s 25% Cash Machine subscription service, and — as all of them do — it sounds too good to be true. Let’s see. Perry “promises” that you can earn a 10% dividend yield without taking any wild risks, “AND you can even […]