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2013 Turkey of the Year: Dry Holes in the Ocean

Fanfare, please! It’s time, once again, for the Turkey of the Year announcement! Every year, as millions of American families place a golden-brown turkey ceremoniously on their Thanksgiving table, we here at Stock Gumshoe try to pick out the most overcooked, overyhyped, and overstuffed turkey from among the hundreds of stocks we’ve written about in […]

Halfway Through the Year … How are the Teasers Doing?

Now that we’re putting June to bed, I thought I’d take just a minute to check on the stocks we’ve revealed over the first half of 2013 and see what’s happening. As you probably know, we track the prices of each of the stocks we uncover from the hyped teaser promotions — almost all of […]

“Energy’s Last Great Frontier … The Untold Story”

I’m being flummoxed by extremely slow WiFi on my flight today, so can’t get the research completed for the new article I had planned. In case you’re looking for something to read on this lovely Tuesday afternoon, this is a teaser-unveiling excerpt from a Friday File we published in late March. It has NOT been […]

Whadda we love? Ridiculous promises!

Well, and we also love you — of course. Just wanted to make sure you know that on this lovely Valentine’s Day. We are inundated every day with email ads that our loyal readers forward on to us, and we appreciate every one — we want to know who’s promising you 1,000% returns, or who’s […]

“How to Grab Explosive Mining and Manufacturing Gains All in One Shot”

OK, you’re probably as sick of the “miracle materials” as I am, yes? But your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe is nothing if not stubborn, and we got through the first two of Byron King’s Energy and Scarcity Investor teaser picks so now, dangit, we’re going to clear the slate and get that third one, too. […]

Supercomputers in the Palm of your Hand (Byron King)

Yesterday we started looking at Byron King’s recent teaser for a graphite/graphene company, part of his new ad campaign for Energy and Scarcity Investor that hypes three “miracle materials” that have the potential to change the world … and today, as promised, we’re staying on this track and getting to his second pick, some sort […]

“What is this building hiding?” Byron King’s teased “Miracle Material” stock

“What is this Tiny Tech Company in Maryland Hiding? “And why could it mean… “The End of Silicon Valley as We Know It “Much of what you are about to see remains unknown to those outside of scientific and industrial circles… “Many researchers are hailing it as a ‘miracle material’ – and quite possibly the […]

“Enormous ‘Oil Kitchen’ Discovered in Energy’s Last Great Frontier” (Byron King)

The great Gumshoe faithful have been focused on one thing over the last couple days: what the heck is Byron King talking about with his “oil kitchen?” That term might sound familiar to you — King first recommended a stock using that “oil kitchen” phrase, referring to a large oil source area offshore Namibia, back […]

Could the “Fourth Element” Make You a Fortune?

Byron King is pitching another teensy weensy rare metals stock for his Energy & Scarcity Investor newsletter from Agora, only this time it’s not the rare earth metals but a really light metal that he calls the “Fourth Element.” Which brings to mind several of the periodic table-focused teasers of years past, though particularly the […]

What’s Byron King’s $27 Trillion Israeli Oil Stock?

I like to mix things up a bit, cover different newsletter “gurus” and their teaser picks and try to put a good variety of folks under the Gumshoe microscope — but Byron King’s latest ad has caused so many questions to come pouring through the floodgates here at Gumshoe HQ that I feel like I […]

“New Silicon” — Byron King’s “85 cent Stock that Could Make You Rich”

Friday File articles, like “Idea of the Month” writeups, are generally password-protected for our paying members — this commentary was made available to all readers on October 7, 2011 but the content not been edited or revised since the original publication date. The author continues to not have any personal interest in the stocks mentioned […]

Taste of the Friday File: “Stalin’s Atomic Secret”

Rare earths mania among investors has hit extraordinary new heights over the last eight months or so, and I’ve written about almost all of the rare earth miners of any size at one point or another during that time. Most recently, the promotion that caught a lot of attention from my readers was from Byron […]

$884 Million of a Serbian King’s Gold (Republished from the Friday File)

Though the “secret” stock behind this teaser has been identified many times in the comments here and elsewhere, I continue to get a lot of questions about the “Serbian king’s gold” — so since I wrote this one up in a Friday File for the Irregulars about two weeks ago I can now share my […]

Taste of the Friday File: Namibia’s “Oil Kitchen”

Questions are piling in once more about Byron King’s “Oil Kitchen” teaser ads about a big oil field offshore Namibia that he hopes will mirror the huge fields offshore Brazil, so I thought I’d share the article that I wrote to the Irregulars (the paying members of Stock Gumshoe) in the Friday File on July […]

“Better than Gold! … 3-to-1 Gains Guaranteed!”

Just to be clear, when I include that “3-to-1 Gains Guaranteed” in the headline, that’s a quote from the ad — your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe doesn’t guarantee anything, except that I’ll continue to do my best to dig into these fabulous teaser ads … you keep reading, I’ll keep writing, that’s the deal. Today’s […]