Make Your Millions with “The Next Wireless Billionaires” — Tobin Smith

I haven’t looked much at Tobin Smith and his ChangeWave services over the past year or so — I think the last teaser of his that I looked at was hyping Sigma Designs back in April of 2008, which he promised would be a huge gainer within a year. Of course, that didn’t take into […]

Buy Before GE Does — “Day in the Sun” for Solar Innovator (Tobin Smith)

I haven’t written much about Toby Smith lately, though his ChangeWave rants are always good entertainment and he sometimes pulls a good idea to light for us (or at least pumps up the shares of a microcap stock). Bear markets aren’t usually a good friend to the kinds of microcap technology stocks he often likes […]

“By This Time Next Year … a Huge Winner” Tobin Smith’s ChangeWave

This one was sent in by a reader earlier today, so I thought I’d quickly get out a note about … this will be shorter than your average Gumshoe writeup, but hopefully still packed with pithy comments and one interesting stock idea. This is from Toby Smith for his $79 ChangeWave service, and it’s for […]

Toby Smith: “Product X Kills Bugs Dead”

This one is a teaser that we’ve actually looked at before, but I’m getting a lot of email on it so perhaps it got lost in the shuffle — it was solved as part of a multi-part teaser a while back, and it remains one of Tobin Smith’s favorites — and the subject of his […]

Tobin Smith’s “99% Sure Thing to Double Your Money”

OK, so leaving aside the fact that if you ever see a subject line like that in your email, you’re probably better off just deleting it, let’s take a little Gumshoe gander at the latest campaign from Toby Smith’s ChangeWave MicroCap newsletter. For those who don’t know him — and how you could avoid his […]

Year’s Best: “The Wal-Mart of Solar Energy”

And as we continue the rundown of the most successful teaser stocks of the year, here’s number two. This is a solar stock, so obviously it has done well this year (I think LDK Solar is the only one to come to mind that hasn’t ramped up consistently nearly all year). And in addition to […]

“The Next Google” … Again!

This one comes in on a “ChangeWave Rant” from Toby Smith — for the “Google of business software.” Now before I get started, can I rant a little? I think we need some new benchmarks, if only to save the Gumshoe from boredom. Can someone please bring us the “next” something and NOT claim that […]

“The Next Cisco” and Email Influence on Shares

We’ve written about the “next Cisco” before — last time, it was DivX and it was being teased by Brian Hicks … not terribly successful, so far. This time, however, we’re looking at another older teaser that’s made the rounds many times — I’ve seen it going back to at least March. And since this […]

“LEDs are the Future of Lighting”

Now this is a good opening: “If you missed out on Google at $85. . . Crocs at $15. . . or Akamai at $4. . . This little 40-cent stock can help you forget those misses forever.” That’s from Tobin Smith’s ChangeWave MicroCap Investor, and this teaser has been circulating for a little while […]

“Hi-def video is the new e-mail”

[For those of you who've been around for a while, this is one we sleuthed out about a month ago but this is an updated version of the writeup -- the company changed names and tickers recently] “Hi-def video is the new e-mail” is apparently Tobin Smith’s new mantra, as he says in an email […]

“The One Oil Stock You Must Own Now”

This one was sent in by a reader. This is from an ad for the “best of the best” from ChangeWave Research, another newsletter company I’ve heard of but don’t really know much about. One of the things they’re offering to potential investors is a Special Report about “The One Oil Stock You Must Own […]