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AIG & Ichan

I have written a letter to the CEO / Chairman of AIG advising them how they could get out of the SIFI Status with FED Oversight. I said that Bershire Hathaway started with a holding company to hold GEICO. It through off tremendous cash to buy other companies. Why can’t AIG do the same. Create […]

Friday File: The Dark and Ugly Start of 2016

So has this recent weakness been a dip, or is it the beginning of real downward bear market or years of stagnation? Trick question. I Dunno, and neither does anyone else. But I still need to invest to grow my savings over the next 10-20 years or maybe more, so I’m still willing to buy […]

Friday File — Brands, Hospitals and the Yuan

A few relatively brief things for you today — updates on the flailing ICON and the high-yield MPW, and a few thoughts on “macro” panics in the market. First, the ugly — checking in on Iconix (ICON), which I last looked at a few months ago. The stock has gotten cut in half just since […]

“Why China Worships America”

You might have seen this one circulating lately — it’s an ad for Ann Sosnowski’s MicroCap Hotsheet (Ann still sits at the top of the Gumshoe spreadsheet with her Lynas pick … though if you average in her other teaser companies we’d probably be looking at something much more average). It’s for a Chinese company […]

“Government Ordinance 458: Guaranteed Profits”

That’s the way this teaser begins: “Government Ordinance 458 Guarantees Your Profits on the New “General Electric” of China” This is an ad not for a subscription, but for a special report from Michael Lombardi (who writes the free newsletter Profit Confidential) — the special report costs $95. I don’t see these very often, probably […]

Martin Weiss: Like Buying China in 1990

OK, so I’m departing from my typical sleuthing ways on this one a little bit. I spent a little time at an investing conference a few days ago, and many of the newsletter folks that you’ve all heard of were there, making their spiels or just lecturing. One of them that I happened to hear […]

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