AIG & Ichan

I have written a letter to the CEO / Chairman of AIG advising them how they could get out of the SIFI Status with FED Oversight. I said that Bershire Hathaway started with a holding company to hold GEICO. It through off tremendous cash to buy other companies. Why can’t AIG do the same. Create […]

Friday File: The Dark and Ugly Start of 2016

So has this recent weakness been a dip, or is it the beginning of real downward bear market or years of stagnation? Trick question. I Dunno, and neither does anyone else. But I still need to invest to grow my savings over the next 10-20 years or maybe more, so I’m still willing to buy […]

“My No. 1 China stock for 2015”

China stocks are back, but China newsletters not so much. That’s a little bit unusual, actually — typically, newsletter publishers are quick to produce new “niche” letters or repurpose faltering letters to take advantage of big swings in the market, and just as quick to shut those newsletters down if that “niche” loses the interest […]

“Penny Real Estate: The world’s most valuable land — at a huge discount”

I mostly want to take a look at Dan Ferris’ Extreme Value teaser today, which I told you the solution to earlier in the week, but I do have a few other things to note today first. For those still following or holding Nagacorp (NGCRF), owner of the Nagaworld casino in Cambodia, I’ve for a […]

Paul Goodwin’s “My No. 1 China Stock” Pick

Paul Goodwin edits the Cabot China and Emerging Markets report, which is really the only surviving China-focused newsletter I can think of from a big publisher (most publishers had such a letter during the China bull run in the mid-late 2000s, but many of them disappeared in recent years as China got to be as […]

Friday File: Cabot’s #1 China Pick, Altius, and more…

I bought a few more shares of Altius Minerals today, after looking into them and Sandstorm Gold following some recent reader questions, and I’ll get to that in a moment … but first, I thought I’d toss out a quick Friday File teaser solution for you if you’re curious about what’s being teased in China […]

“China’s Screwed” … how to profit from the “tiny company [that] solves the #1 threat to China’s economy.”

For as long as there’s been a Stock Gumshoe (that’s since 2007, in case anyone’s askin’), there’s been an easy pitch to be made that goes like this: China is polluting it’s water like crazy. China has a godawful number of people. China needs to spend a helluva lot of money on cleaning up their […]

“The $1,720 iPhone Miracle! Your BEST investment of 2012!” (Bryan Perry)

It’s been a while since Bryan Perry’s ideas graced the glorious pages of Stock Gumshoe — his Cash Machine newsletter has generally teased high-yielding picks in the past, but it looks like he’s downplayed the “high current yield” bit somewhat for this new teaser. And yes, to be fair, we should note that the last […]

“New Recommendation Looks a Lot Like Apple in 1997” (Robert Hsu)

Robert Hsu introduces the latest teaser of a stock he’s recommending in his China Strategy service by saying that it “looks a lot like Apple” before that company made its historic stock market run, back when Steve Jobs was re-hired by the company, before the iPod (let alone the iPhone) was introduced. And of course, […]

“New Chinese ‘Oil Colony’ Discovered” — So, What is it?

This email started churning through the Gumshoe floodgates recently, a tease for Zachary Scheidt’s New Growth Investor, which we last looked at a couple months ago — the marketing for this letter says that they look for “stocks with bright futures ahead or a company with a new product set for maximum gains.” Which sounds […]

“Facebook of China to Deliver Your Next Double” (Robert Hsu)

Robert Hsu has been running this teaser ad for his Asia Edge newsletter for a week or two now, and I’ve gotten enough questions that it seems there’s some demand for the Gumshoe version (ie, the free version) of the answer. It seems unlikely, by the way, that this tease about the “Facebook of China” […]

“One Phone. Three Numbers…. Second Chance to Lock Up My Next 10-Bagger”

Here’s how Louis Navellier pitches his next uber-hot idea for a stock that gives you three phone numbers on one phone and 10-bagger profits: “Last May I told you about a new wireless juggernaut whose 3-in-one proprietary technology and earnings growth matched Envirodyne, which handed us a monster 1,700% gain a few years back. “Since […]