China Stock Insider

Monthly newsletter that recommends Chinese stocks, with buy and sell trade alerts. Appears to be defunct as of late 2013.

“China’s Screwed” … how to profit from the “tiny company [that] solves the #1 threat to China’s economy.”

For as long as there’s been a Stock Gumshoe (that’s since 2007, in case anyone’s askin’), there’s been an easy pitch to be made that goes like this: China is polluting it’s water like crazy. China has a godawful number of people. China needs to spend a helluva lot of money on cleaning up their […]

“The $1,720 iPhone Miracle! Your BEST investment of 2012!” (Bryan Perry)

It’s been a while since Bryan Perry’s ideas graced the glorious pages of Stock Gumshoe — his Cash Machine newsletter has generally teased high-yielding picks in the past, but it looks like he’s downplayed the “high current yield” bit somewhat for this new teaser. And yes, to be fair, we should note that the last […]

“New Recommendation Looks a Lot Like Apple in 1997″ (Robert Hsu)

Robert Hsu introduces the latest teaser of a stock he’s recommending in his China Strategy service by saying that it “looks a lot like Apple” before that company made its historic stock market run, back when Steve Jobs was re-hired by the company, before the iPod (let alone the iPhone) was introduced. And of course, […]

“Cash In on China’s $608 Billion ‘Dragon’s Thirst’” (Chris Mayer)

Here’s the latest pitch from Chris Mayer for his Mayer’s Special Situations newsletter: “It’s the ONE resource more precious than oil, natural gas or gold. Without it, China’s growth — and the world’s — will likely come to a screeching halt. “Read on to discover the ONE tiny penny stock that has the breakthrough technology […]

“The Chipotle of China” — The Motley Fool’s “Chinese Consumer Revolution” Pick

Time once again, dear children, for a tale from the Middle Kingdom. Once upon a time, there was a nation so vast and populous that investors got dollar signs in their eyes just gazing upon the smoggy mega-cities that grew like weeds in that distant land. And lo, it was told that it was just […]

“A Chinese steelmaker that stands to make windfall profits…”

Brian Tycango is pitching a few ideas for his Asian Growth Stocks newsletter — the letter often focuses on stocks that are tough for small US-only investors to buy (ie, no US listing and thinly traded on the pink sheets, or not on the pinks at all), but today he seems to be talking up […]

“New Chinese ‘Oil Colony’ Discovered” — So, What is it?

This email started churning through the Gumshoe floodgates recently, a tease for Zachary Scheidt’s New Growth Investor, which we last looked at a couple months ago — the marketing for this letter says that they look for “stocks with bright futures ahead or a company with a new product set for maximum gains.” Which sounds […]

Cabot’s “Guaranteed Double” — Chinese Mobile Phone Apps

As with many past promotions from the folks at Cabot’s Stock of the Month newsletter, they’re comparing their new pick to First Solar, and guaranteeing that the shares will double in a matter of months (or your money back … and yes, that’s the subscription money, not the money you might have lost on the […]

Larry Isen’s “Greatest Short Squeeze of All Time”

To be honest with you, I had never heard of Larry Isen before — apparently, he edits a newsletter called Emerging China Stocks, and he has been focused on small cap names in China for at least a year or two, based on his claims of past performance. The reason he came to my attention […]

“Facebook of China to Deliver Your Next Double” (Robert Hsu)

Robert Hsu has been running this teaser ad for his Asia Edge newsletter for a week or two now, and I’ve gotten enough questions that it seems there’s some demand for the Gumshoe version (ie, the free version) of the answer. It seems unlikely, by the way, that this tease about the “Facebook of China” […]

“One Phone. Three Numbers…. Second Chance to Lock Up My Next 10-Bagger”

Here’s how Louis Navellier pitches his next uber-hot idea for a stock that gives you three phone numbers on one phone and 10-bagger profits: “Last May I told you about a new wireless juggernaut whose 3-in-one proprietary technology and earnings growth matched Envirodyne, which handed us a monster 1,700% gain a few years back. “Since […]

Atomic Number 29: “How to Cash in on China’s Massive Appetite for Copper…”

Today’s tease has been forwarded by a handful (or a few hands full, I suppose) of curious readers — our teaser is Mitchell Clark for his Penny Stock Reporter, and in exchange for his special recommendation of a Chinese copper stock he’d like you to sign up for a subscription to his newsletter … at […]

“How Communist Paranoia Could Fund Your Retirement”

Today I’m looking at an ad from Michael Robinson for his American Wealth Underground newsletter, he’s pitching the idea of investing in China’s surveillance state and getting involved in a stock that has tight connections with the government, both of which probably make at least some US investors feel a bit like holding their nose […]

“$2 China Oil Stock to Hit $5: Buy Now” (Navellier)

Louis Navellier is pitching a Chinese oil stock that he thinks will more than double from the current levels — and if you sign up for a subscription to his Quantum Growth newsletter, he’ll tell you the name and the ticker. That’ll be $5,000 per year, please (though to be fair it’s “on sale” now […]

What is the “Chinese Twitter” .. and will the share price spike on November 15?

Here’s the top of the tease that I just got in my email from Nicholas Vardy, trying to get me to subscribe to his Global Bull Market Alert ($995/year, in case you’re wondering): “On November 15th, a Top Chinese Internet Company’s Announcement Could Send Its Stock Soaring “While China’s economy levels off, its Internet sector […]

“Quadruple Your Money in Six Months … Thanks to Our Secret Ally — The Chinese Government”

Ah, good ‘ol Robert Hsu — it looks like he recommended a stock on August 19 to his subscribers, a coal company in China at about $11, it shot up to $16 (thanks in no small part to that recommendation, I’d water), and then it collapsed over a couple weeks to the current price, under […]

Hsu’s “The Next New Oriental Education”

Investors who got in early on some of Robert Hsu’s other picks in the Chinese for-profit education sector could easily have done quite well (though whether that’s a result of Hsu’s prescience or fortunate timing in the China boom can be debated as much as you like), so I thought we should take a look […]