Chris Mayer’s “$4 LED Trend You Don’t Want to Miss”

I always like reading Chris Mayer’s stuff — he often presents at the Value Investing Congress, he seems to be an interesting and low-key guy in person, and the ideas that are pitched by his various newsletters at Agora often catch my eye. They don’t always work out, of course, but every once in a […]

Brazilian Burgers, Mongolian Real Estate, Africa and Ligand

Before I get churning with this week’s Friday File, I want to take the opportunity to thank you, the Irregulars — and particularly the several new members we’ve had join up as Irregulars in the last few weeks — welcome to the club! Stock Gumshoe has always tried to balance how we do things, offering […]

What’s the “Executive Dividend Program?”

Chris Mayer is an interesting newsletter guy, a former bank analyst who now writes a newsletter that is typically half looking for undervalued, boring stocks like banks and insurance companies and half looking for far riskier “hidden values” overseas in frontier markets. Or at least, that’s how it appears from the teaser pitches we see […]

Chris Mayer’s next “Chaffee Royalty” Investments

We first heard the “Chaffee Royalty” pitched a little more than five years ago, back when Chris Mayer was touting the “next Franco-Nevada” with a pitch about passive mining royalties — and, as you’ve probably guessed if you’ve read this far, it’s baaaaack! The basic idea of royalty investments is familiar to most Gumshoe readers […]

Thoughts from Myron—Emerging Markets, Precious Metals and Fiber Optics

Ed. note: Here is another installment from longtime reader Myron Martin. Myron has agreed to our trading restrictions (he won’t trade the stocks he mentions for three days), but we have not reviewed, approved or screened his stocks or ideas, and the opinions he expresses are solely his own.  Myron’s past commentaries can be seen […]

What are Chris Mayer’s “CPR Plans?”

Agora Financial has been trying to sell Chris Mayer’s Special Situations newsletter by pitching his “CPR Plan” — which is a strategy that he says he uses for 53% of his investing portfolio, and which has “NEVER lost money.” I generally have a fondness for Chris Mayer’s stuff — he gave a good presentation at […]

Chris Mayer’s “Focus on Owner Operators”

Chris Mayer, who we’ve covered from time to time as Agora has teased his letters, was the last presenter of the day. He talked about owner operators, which generally means “skin in the game” — founders, families, large investors. Owner operators have their wealth at risk, look for long term profits, it all makes perfect […]

Chris Mayer’s Five “Coffee Can” Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

Chris Mayer runs the Capital and Crisis newsletter, often looking for far-flung stocks or odd special situations, and he sometimes brings an interesting idea or two to us through his teaser pitches … so I thought we’d take a look at his latest idea today, a spiel about some stocks that you can buy and […]

Chris Mayer’s “Magic Formula” Stock — “A Business Model Like No Other”

Chris Mayer has a lengthy ad out now for his Special Situations newsletter, and in it he teases a handful of different ideas, from Mongolia to spin-off investing to S&L conversions … but there was one particular pitch in the ad that caught my eye. He says that he’s found a unique stock … and, […]

“How Do You Own Seismic?” (Chris Mayer)

“… even with the ‘easy’ oil gone, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear more discoveries are coming online. Today I want to share with you a special way to profit from today’s newest oil finds. As you’ll see, it’s adventurous. Plus, it could be your way to profit from the next big find, before anyone […]

“Magic Drug” Oil Recovery Technique Brings “$31.5 Billion Bonanza?”

Today it’s time to come back to Chris Mayer, who’s teasing a small oil stock with a “magic drug” and that owns a massive $31.5 billion “oil bonanza” right here in the US of A. Sounds intriguing, right? Several of my readers thought so and passed it along, so let’s see if we can sleuthify […]

Captain Cook’s “Oil Jackpot”: How to Become the Next Alaskan Oil Millionaire.

“The New Alaskan ‘Oil Gush’ Is Underway… “Forget the greedy oil tycoons of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran… Forget the oil giants Exxon, BP and Chevron… “This Tiny Exploration Company could deliver you a quick and early retirement…” That’s the intro from Chris Mayer in our newest tease — he’s trying to recruit new subscribers […]

“How You Could Make 4,599% Gains From Iranian Oil Without Dropping a Single Bomb!” (Chris Mayer)

Given the massive mailing list reach of Agora, Chris’ publisher, you’ve almost certainly been sent this ad for his Mayer’s Special Situations newsletter — it’s all about a tiny stock (of course — they’re always tiny) that can make you massive gains by virtue of the oil they’re going to suck away from Iran’s massive […]

“‘Hard Luck’ Scheele’s Discovery Could Quadruple Your Money”

Here’s how today’s ad opens: “The biggest opportunity of the new world economy… “‘Hard Luck’ Scheele’s Discovery Could Quadruple Your Money by July 14, 2010 “Every country in the developing world needs this 231-year-old discovery, but… “Only 10 companies in the world have it… “Only 3 of them are pure plays… “Only ONE can actually […]