The “Guardian Angel” Delivering Disruptive Technology

This ad caught my eye as readers were forwarding it in because it looks like a biotech pitch at first, but quickly morphs into a technology story. The spiel is all about stopping deaths, and about how it’s about time someone put a stop to the unnecessary level of pain and suffering we’re all suffering… […]

“Small-Cap Superstar That Cisco, Verizon and Comcast Can’t Do Without!”

I thought we’d take a look at a new teaser from Chris Versace today, someone I don’t think I’ve ever written about before. This one caught my eye because it’s being pitched not just as an unknown semiconductor maker in a sweet spot for one of what Versace calls global “Power Trends”, but because he […]

PowerTrend Profits

Newsletter that seeks to identify large trends (internet “always on” connectivity, medical technology, etc.) and pick “horizontal” winners that will profit from those trends.