“The ‘5 Cents to $109 a Share’ Insider Deals You Never Hear About…”

Nick Hodge is out with a teaser pitch for another “upgrade” newsletter he’s selling — this time, the upgrade is only available for folks who already subscribe to his Early Advantage newsletter, which is where he used to pitch his speculative microcaps. Early Advantage is $999/year, and that’s the one that’s still pitching “Obama’s Secret […]

Wireless Electricity and the “Midas Supergroup”

“America’s Most Elite Investment Collective Just Netted 67,350% Gains… “And it’s about to do it again! “Thanks to a proprietary investment ranking tool, this group has its hands on a game-changing technology… “And it’s about to take early investors for another ridiculous profit ride “They’re called the Midas Supergroup… “And they DO NOT miss. “When […]

“Solar’s Quantum Leap” Pick from Nick Hodge

I very nearly didn’t write about this one for you today, even though I know the solution and the Thinkolator was able to make a 100% certain match to the clues. Why? Because Nick Hodge shouldn’t be teasing individual stocks with no trading volume and $7 million market capitalizations to his email lists… and I […]

“The End of Rust” — What’s Nick Hodge’s “Oscar of Innovation” corrosion-fighting stock?

This teaser pitch started running, and we covered it, in mid-September — this article originally ran on September 18. It has not been updated or revised in the six weeks since then, but the ad is still in heavy enough rotation that many people are asking about it again, so we’re re-posting it for you. […]

What is Nick Hodge’s “Montel’s Miracle” Stock?

Nick Hodge has been focusing a lot on biotech-ish companies for his Early Advantage newsletter lately, and they usually end up being pretty early-stage stocks with good stories about some kind of breakthrough or unique compound or device and no real financials yet (meaning, little to no revenue or earnings) — just the kind of […]

“GigaProfits! — One tiny resource company essential to the Gigafactory”

“Tesla is building the largest battery factory ever… “Groundbreaking is expected any day now. You could see… “GigaProfits! “It doesn’t matter what you think about electric cars… You could make a fortune off Tesla’s new $5 billion ‘Gigafactory’ — Even if it’s a colossal failure. “One tiny resource company is essential to the Gigafactory. Here’s […]

“Blue Blood” — Which “Tiny Biotech Owns Only Source of Rare Cancer-Curing Chemical?”

The following article originally appeared on February 11, 2014 — several readers have asked about the “blue blood” pitch for this “cancer cure” (there’s a reason why we use quotes there) so we’re putting it on top of the page in case you’re curious. My opinion on this one is unchanged, I’m still pretty skeptical […]

Nick Hodge’s “Blue Light” Cancer Detection Device

Looks like we’ve got another small cap company being touted by Nick Hodge for his Early Advantage service — but now, instead of the “blue blood” company that he’s been touting for a year or so as the potential enabler of a cancer cure, he’s pitching this “blue light” company as the one that will […]

“Worst Pricing Mismatch I’ve Ever Seen” (Nick Hodge)

Nick Hodge has been teasing a favorite graphite stock since late last year, and he’s lately been pushing it hard again, saying that this particular mine is now the source of the “worst pricing mismatch” he’s ever seen. Which gets the blood boiling at least a little bit, right? After all, what is the point […]

“The Non-Solar Solar Stock to Save an Industry Today” (Nick Hodge)

Nick Hodge started touting a new solar stock last night or this morning, and it’s already driving dozens of reader questions in to Gumshoe HQ. He’s selling subscriptions to his Early Advantage newsletter, which used to be called Alternative Energy Speculator, and he’d like $499 for access to this “free” report. So naturally, I thought […]

“Canada’s Massive Mine” owned by “One Tiny Explorer”

This teaser ad has been around for a few months in various forms, but it continues to be among the most-queried pitches here at Stock Gumshoe, and there’s a big new push for this ad just today that’s generating even more questions — so I thought I’d toss you a quick reminder of the details […]

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