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This twice-monthly newsletter includes general market commentary and recommends individual stocks for growth and income. Previous editors include Stephen Leeb, Neil George, and Elliott Gue.

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Recommends high-yield Master Limited Partnerships, mostly in energy.

“10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever” Revealed (Elliott Gue)

Elliott Gue will be a familiar name to longtime Gumshoe readers — he’s been a fixture in newsletter land for as long as we’ve been around (Stock Gumshoe’s sixth birthday was a couple months ago, thanks very much), and he’s got a new home. He ran the venerable Personal Finance letter for a while and […]

“Let the Last Viking Make You Rich”

“DEEPSEA DRILLER ALERT: Rates are rising fast for ultra-deepwater drillers. One company commands the sweet spot. It owns a fleet of rigs and drillships—some capable of drilling 35,000 feet under the sea. It just signed a five-year deal paying $635,000 per ship per day. It passes along most of that cash straight to shareholders. If […]

“My #1 LNG Tanker Stock to Buy Now” (Energy Strategist)

You’ve probably heard of LNG tankers — I’ve written about them a few times, and several stocks in the LNG shipping business have been teased over the last few years. Essentially, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a super-cooled form of natural gas that can be shipped via large ocean tankers, and the promise is that […]

“Boost Dividends with ‘Drop Down’ Assets” from “your New ‘Rich Uncle’”

CORRECTED — I originally published this article with the wrong solution, due to, well, simple idiocy as I wrote the wrong ticker down and didn’t backtrack to check myself. Many apologies if I confused anyone, the revised article follows: Sheesh, just using the phrase “rich uncle” is probably enough to get my message to you […]

“Super Sand: Horizontal Drillers Can’t Operate Without It”

A few readers have asked me about this one, and I’ve got sand on the brain since I’m putting in a patio tomorrow if I can get my lethargic heinie out of bed in time, so I thought I’d take a look for you in today’s Friday File. And yes, I do wish that I […]

“The Next [Rockefeller] Takeover Targets: Deepsea Oil”

Sometimes our teaserriffic temptations come in waves — lately I’ve been getting lots of questions about teasers from Elliott Gue over at Investing Daily, particularly in ads for his Energy Strategist newsletter, so we’re batting in the same park again today. This time, it’s an ad that sounds a little bit familiar … … it’s […]

“Yielding 13.0% today and set to pay out even more tomorrow… What’s the Next Millionaire-Making Prudhoe Bay?”

People love high dividends. No matter what else is being teased and touted, it seems, the ones that get forwarded to me en masse are the emails touting the high-yielding MLPs, trusts, REITs or plain old dividend-focused stocks that pay out unusually high amounts of cash every month or every quarter … and it’s hard […]

“This CEO takes just a $1.00 annual salary and flies coach… So His Shareholders Can Live the Millionaire Lifestyle”

That’s what we all want to see, right? A skinflint CEO who skimps on perks and saves money for shareholders, and who pays out cash to those shareholders (well, that’s what we want to see if we don’t work for him, at least). And that’s what Roger Conrad is teasing today for his MLP Profits […]

“The one U.S. energy stock I would buy if I were permitted only one pick right now.” (Elliott Gue)

The recent takeover offer for Brigham Exploration (BEXP) by Statoil (STO) has rekindled interest in oil companies who have large Bakken land holdings and growth potential — so, naturally, the teasers are out in force for just these kinds of companies. One such tease comes from Elliott Gue for his Energy Strategist newsletter — and […]

West African Wonder: Profit from the New Oil and Gas Powerhouse

Yesterday we took a look at Elliott Gue’s teaser for West African oil — a long pitch that started out with the discovery of a “daydreaming Irish accountant”, and today we’ll keep moving (you can see part one, which uncovered the tease of big Tullow Oil, right here). So today, as promised, we’re looking at […]

“Daydreaming Irish Accountant’s Discovery … is a breakthrough investing opportunity”

This one comes in from Elliott Gue for his Energy Strategist newsletter — we haven’t looked at one of his ideas in a while (you can see reader reviews of his letter and more info in the right hand column), but he often picks interesting energy stocks … … and we share a fondness for […]

Cocktail Stocks

Casual monthly newsletter highlighting favorite picks of Elliott Gue and Yiannis Mostrous that don’t make it into their higher-profile newsletters.

“Grandson of Eccentric Texas Oilman H. L. Hunt Could Help You Pocket $400,000 This Winter”

I’ve really been enjoying the Elliott Gue teaser ads lately, his copywriters have been throwing out some good stories about conspiracies and backroom deals — my favorite recent one was when he was telling us that he thought the Rockefellers would take over a certain deepwater drilling company a few months ago, and today’s ad […]

“Takeover Target Poised to Explode!” (Friday File Rerun)

A confession: I just made a huge rookie mistake — I was finishing up a different article for you and kicked the computer’s plug out of the wall … plenty of cussing going on here at Gumshoe HQ today. And worse, I screwed up my backup system and wasn’t logged in right, so I lost […]

“Double Your Money in Six Months” — Elliott Gue’s Tanker Stock

I wrote about an Elliott Gue pick for his “premium” Energy Strategist newsletter for the Irregulars over the weekend (it appeared in the delayed Friday File today), so I thought I might as well just make it an “all Gue, all the time” day and cover another one of his teasers today. Especially because he […]

“Resource Depletion is the Biggest Investment Story of the Decade.”

Yesterday I started working on the latest teaser from Elliott Gue for his Personal Finance newsletter — it was a little bit anticlimactic, since the water treatment stock he’s teasing is a tough one for most small US investors to buy … but the good news is, that was just one of several stocks he’s […]

“China’s Water Treatment ‘Little Engine That Could’”

Today I thought I’d sniff around a recent Elliot Gue ad, this time for the venerable Personal Finance newsletter — I’ve been thinking some about water investments recently, in part because I just sold shares in the Chinese water trust I owned (Hyflux Water Trust, which seems likely to be taken over at near the […]