Extreme Value

Monthly newsletter that recommends “deep value” stocks.

“A Classic Extreme Value … The Next Great Royalty Company” (Dan Ferris)

“One of the best resource companies I’ve ever found is about to close its most lucrative deal ever. This pending transaction could help you make the safest 400% of your lifetime “A few years ago, this company turned a $650,000 investment into over $200 million. It spent $2 million on a project now worth over […]

What’s Dan Ferris’ “Next World Dominator?”

Over the last few days I’ve been getting a lot of questions from Gumshoe readers about the latest “World Dominator” pick from Dan Ferris over at Stansberry’s Extreme Value newsletter — they’ve apparently been hinting at it and teasing it to the subscribers of their other letters, and piquing the interest of my readers who […]

Predicting Friday’s Pick by a Newsletter of “one of the truly great businesses”

It’s probably no surprise that the Stansberry & Associates newsletters probably get more attention from Stock Gumshoe than most of the others — they’re right up there with the Motley Fool when it comes to the size of their mailing lists and the response from our readers to their promos, so everything they do and […]

Teased “Safe, Cheap Opportunity” from Extreme Value

I don’t often cover the same editor or pundit twice in a row, but it’s not exactly a hard rule … which is a relief, because the most interesting thing I came across this morning was another teaser from Dan Ferris. Now, it’s not the same hard sell as his 12% Letter pitch that we […]

“Extreme Value” World Dominating Business for October

Today’s tease didn’t come to me directly and I haven’t seen the original ad or letter where it appeared, but this excerpt was forwarded by a large number of folks who appear to have some interest in a good ‘ol blue chip-type investment. The tease must have been in some kind of subscribers-only letter for […]

“How I Found a $17,500 Secret In A Maryland Public Library”

I always like to see what Dan Ferris is recommending for subscribers of his Extreme Value newsletter, in part because I’m personally invested in a few of his picks that have done well (Altius Minerals and Sprott Resource), and in part because I’m generally sympathetic to the notion that long-term “value” investing is the best […]

“Second-Largest Farm in the Country, Soon to Become the Largest ….”

This article is an excerpt from the May 21 Friday File (the extra commentary that paid members of this site receive) — but I’m still getting a lot of questions about Dan Ferris and his farming stock, so what follows is the part of that note regarding the teased agriculture company. I have not updated […]

Extreme Stocks to Buy Now (Ferris)

I always like reading Dan Ferris’ stuff — he does the cranky loner act so well I can only assume that it’s real, and the latest ad for his Extreme Value newsletter is no different. This newsletter is slotted in as the “deep value” letter at Stansberry & Associates, and he has often recommended either […]

“Bursting with Gold: Newfoundland’s Golden Mountain” (Dan Ferris)

This new teaser from Dan Ferris for his Extreme Value newsletter wins the prize for “most questions sent to the Gumshoe” over the weekend … so I thought I better jump right on it this morning. If you get any of the Agora or Stansberry free emails, or subscribe to any newsletters in those families, […]

“Gold-Backed Annuity” companies … income for life?

This ad has been floating to the top of my inbox for a couple days now, and since the people have spoken I thought I better write about it right quick for you — I am, after all, your humble sleuthing servant. Well, OK, maybe not so humble all the time, but do you want […]

“Distortion in the Gold Markets” Prospect Generators

This ad comes in for the Extreme Value newsletter from Stansberry & Associates, edited by Dan Ferris. The name of the newsletter is no accident, Ferris apparently looks for deep value and hidden value stocks, not unlike some other traditional “value” stock pickers. This time, he’s telling us that there’s a “distortion” in the gold […]

“Ten Minute Work Week: The Greatest Business in America” Ferris Extreme Value

Now this one sounds exciting, eh? I don’t want to say that the mighty, mighty Gumshoe is a lazy man, but I must admit that the idea of a work week that lasts only ten minutes has some appeal … what the heck are they talking about? It’ll take me longer than ten minutes, but […]

“World’s Greatest Mutual Fund Re-opens — Could re-close any minute”

This teaser email came in a week or so ago, from another Stansberry service, Extreme Value by Dan Ferris. Here’s how they whet our appetite: “In 17 days… The 19,900% Mutual Fund Could Close for Good… “MSNBC says… “Get in line early for this fund.” “It’s been called the “Holy Grail” of mutual funds…” Nice, […]

Dan Ferris’ “Ultimate Hedge Fund”

Apparently the sexy appeal of hedge funds has not worn off yet for individual investors, because the folks at Stansberry Research keep teasing their deep value picks by comparing them to hedge funds. Last time around it was the “secret penny hedge fund” that turned out to be Winthrop Realty Trust. This time around, the […]

“Just one word of investment advice … Plastics”

This one comes to us from Dan Ferris, at Stansberry and Associates. It came to me through a reader, who also suggested a solution, so I don’t have the whole email … but the only newsletter Ferris edits is Extreme Value, which runs $1,000 a year. And yes, it’s about a plastics company … using […]