What’s Nick Hodge’s “Proven Golden ‘Loophole'” that “Magnifies Gold & Silver Gains?”

Nick Hodge is pitching his Early Advantage newsletter (about $800) with a story about a “golden loophole” that he says provides your best path to profits in the precious metals business — and lots of readers have asked me about that “loophole” this morning, so we’re going to put the Thinkolator to work identifying the […]

The Winners of 2015

As a reformed academic, I have it hard-wired in my brain that work should cease for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day — Stock Gumshoe will be running on autopilot starting this afternoon, and we’re not likely to have much in the way of new articles posted until next year (unless you want […]

Curzio’s “This Swab Can Reveal How You’re Going to Die (And How to Stop It)”

Frank Curzio has been around the block a few times, helming mostly small-cap newsletters for three different big publishers over the last decade or so — his current “entry level” newsletter for Uncommon Wisdom/Weiss is called Disruptors and Dominators, and he’s selling it today by touting the possibility of 2,997% gains from the advancing science […]

$1 Gold Stock and “The Greatest Gold Opportunity in the Last Decade”

Just returning from vacation, and I don’t have anything new for you just yet… but I see that the questions have been piling up about Frank Curzio’s new newsletter and the $1 gold stock he’s been touting as they drum up new subscribers. And, thankfully, that’s one I already took a quick look at — […]

Finishing up the Annual Review, plus “The Greatest Gold Opportunity in the Last Decade”

I like Frank Curzio’s podcast (now called Wall Street Unplugged), and I generally find his way of thinking interesting, so after he was laid off by Porter Stansberry I was half hoping he’d go off on his own and build his own newsletter business from scratch (he edited Phase 1 Investor and Small Cap Specialist […]

“It’s going to be the ‘Apple’ of cancer therapy in the next 20 years.”

Immunotherapy for cancer has been in the news quite a bit in recent years, with several drugs making an impact on the worst cancers and giving some real hope for future advancement — not a small thing for a basic medical strategy that’s been tested and tweaked for 125 years now by folks following in […]

Marijuana Millions: “The Kennedy Story You Were Never Told”

Famous families and historical fortunes fascinate investors — the idea that these families you know and (sometimes) worship created vast fortune because of one wily speculator way back in the family tree is almost irresistibly interesting. It gives us the feeling that any family can rise up and make a big bet on the way […]

Exploring Frank Curzio’s “Once in a Lifetime Meeting” about a $1 Brazilian Gold stock

Frank Curzio’s latest pitch for his pricey Phase 1 Investor newsletter has the Gumshoe faithful mighty, mighty curious… he gets us going with a little intro about how he was at an “invite only” meeting at the Plaza Hotel in New York that he said was about investing in Brazilian resources. The lead-in to the […]

Solving Curzio’s “The Marijuana Investment Story No One’s Telling”

Well, again Frank Curzio’s Phase 1 Investor wins the prize for “teaser ad most Gumshoe readers are asking about” … so let’s give it a gander for you. Phase 1 is a premium-priced ($3,500 is the current “on sale” cost) small cap newsletter published by Stansberry, and it tends to be among the most-requested letters […]

Curzio’s “The 20-Second Battery: Investing in a Miracle Material”

Today we have to put my usual cautionary note up top. The stock Frank Curzio is pitching as the key supplier for “The 20-Second Battery” is ridiculously small. It has already been recommended to his subscribers over at Phase 1 Investor, so presumably they’ve gotten their fill of the stock (he also touted it about […]

$82 billion opportunity disappearing soon? (Frank Curzio’s Phase 1)

Several intrepid readers sent this pitch flying my way while we were digging out of our latest snowstorm, and I figured a nice little panic about an $82 billion “missed opportunity” ought to warm me up. Phase 1 Investor, the big “upgrade” letter from Stansberry & Associates, usually gets our readers attention when they send […]

Sleuthifying Curzio’s “How to Make 3 Times Your Money on Patent Royalties”

OK, so this one’s a bit tricky. And not just because the clues are a bit limited. Don’t worry, we’ll still find an answer for you … but a caveat or two first … Frank Curzio edits Phase 1 Investor, which is Stansberry’s “big ticket” newsletter that typically covers small tech, biotech and natural resources […]

What’s Frank Curzio’s Under Fifty Cent Company that he says we should Buy by November 1?

Buy this ‘Under $0.50’ Stock by November 1st, 2013 “This is one of the few times in the history of our business we have recommended a company so small and with such high upside potential. A triple-digit gain within the next 12-36 months is highly possible…. “We’ve been vetting the opportunity for nearly two years.” […]

Revealing Frank Curzio’s “Ultimate App” Biometrics Stock

Well, well, well — another month, another Phase 1 teaser from Frank Curzio and the Stansberry folks. And if you’re going to use your massive mailing list of a few million investors to sell a $3,000 newsletter that most of them won’t ever consider, well, you can pretty much predict that the queries will make […]

“Multi- Millionaire Grandmother’s BIG Retirement Secret… The Two Best Royalty Businesses on the Planet”

Here’s the lead-in to the new Stansberry & Associates pitch: “How I Got My Multi-Millionaire Grandmother To Finally ‘Spill The Beans’ On Her BIG Retirement Secret “She went from making $17 a week… to completely retired, practically overnight. She hasn’t worked a day in over 53 years and will NEVER outlive her money. “She’s never […]

“The single most controversial recommendation we’ve ever made…” (Frank Curzio)

Phase 1 Investor is the big kahuna newsletter at Stansberry & Associates, the $5,000 newsletter that they typically discount to $3,000 when sending out promo emails … … and they market this letter so heavily that Gumshoe readers flood our inbox whenever a new Phase 1 teaser ad runs. So … another of their teasers […]

Solving Frank Curzio’s “The NEXT Royal Gold” Teaser

“The last time this happened, early investors had an opportunity to make a fortune. Now one team of researchers thinks it’s happening again… with an unusual, little-known mining stock.” That’s the opening of the latest teaser from Frank Curzio for his Phase 1 Investor newsletter, and it’s not the first time we’ve heard the promise […]