Exploring Frank Curzio’s “Once in a Lifetime Meeting” about a $1 Brazilian Gold stock

Frank Curzio’s latest pitch for his pricey Phase 1 Investor newsletter has the Gumshoe faithful mighty, mighty curious… he gets us going with a little intro about how he was at an “invite only” meeting at the Plaza Hotel in New York that he said was about investing in Brazilian resources. The lead-in to the […]

Solving Curzio’s “The Marijuana Investment Story No One’s Telling”

Well, again Frank Curzio’s Phase 1 Investor wins the prize for “teaser ad most Gumshoe readers are asking about” … so let’s give it a gander for you. Phase 1 is a premium-priced ($3,500 is the current “on sale” cost) small cap newsletter published by Stansberry, and it tends to be among the most-requested letters […]

Curzio’s “The 20-Second Battery: Investing in a Miracle Material”

Today we have to put my usual cautionary note up top. The stock Frank Curzio is pitching as the key supplier for “The 20-Second Battery” is ridiculously small. It has already been recommended to his subscribers over at Phase 1 Investor, so presumably they’ve gotten their fill of the stock (he also touted it about […]

$82 billion opportunity disappearing soon? (Frank Curzio’s Phase 1)

Several intrepid readers sent this pitch flying my way while we were digging out of our latest snowstorm, and I figured a nice little panic about an $82 billion “missed opportunity” ought to warm me up. Phase 1 Investor, the big “upgrade” letter from Stansberry & Associates, usually gets our readers attention when they send […]

Sleuthifying Curzio’s “How to Make 3 Times Your Money on Patent Royalties”

OK, so this one’s a bit tricky. And not just because the clues are a bit limited. Don’t worry, we’ll still find an answer for you … but a caveat or two first … Frank Curzio edits Phase 1 Investor, which is Stansberry’s “big ticket” newsletter that typically covers small tech, biotech and natural resources […]

What’s Frank Curzio’s Under Fifty Cent Company that he says we should Buy by November 1?

Buy this ‘Under $0.50’ Stock by November 1st, 2013 “This is one of the few times in the history of our business we have recommended a company so small and with such high upside potential. A triple-digit gain within the next 12-36 months is highly possible…. “We’ve been vetting the opportunity for nearly two years.” […]

Revealing Frank Curzio’s “Ultimate App” Biometrics Stock

Well, well, well — another month, another Phase 1 teaser from Frank Curzio and the Stansberry folks. And if you’re going to use your massive mailing list of a few million investors to sell a $3,000 newsletter that most of them won’t ever consider, well, you can pretty much predict that the queries will make […]

“Multi- Millionaire Grandmother’s BIG Retirement Secret… The Two Best Royalty Businesses on the Planet”

Here’s the lead-in to the new Stansberry & Associates pitch: “How I Got My Multi-Millionaire Grandmother To Finally ‘Spill The Beans’ On Her BIG Retirement Secret “She went from making $17 a week… to completely retired, practically overnight. She hasn’t worked a day in over 53 years and will NEVER outlive her money. “She’s never […]

“The single most controversial recommendation we’ve ever made…” (Frank Curzio)

Phase 1 Investor is the big kahuna newsletter at Stansberry & Associates, the $5,000 newsletter that they typically discount to $3,000 when sending out promo emails … … and they market this letter so heavily that Gumshoe readers flood our inbox whenever a new Phase 1 teaser ad runs. So … another of their teasers […]

Solving Frank Curzio’s “The NEXT Royal Gold” Teaser

“The last time this happened, early investors had an opportunity to make a fortune. Now one team of researchers thinks it’s happening again… with an unusual, little-known mining stock.” That’s the opening of the latest teaser from Frank Curzio for his Phase 1 Investor newsletter, and it’s not the first time we’ve heard the promise […]

“The Most Shocking Video on the Internet” (What’s Curzio’s “invisibility cloak” stock?)

I had another note in mind to share with you today, but the overwhelming demand for answers about the new Phase 1 promo that started mailing last night has jumped it to the top of my inbox. Frank Curzio’s Phase 1 Investor newsletter, which is the pricey letter published by Stansberry ($5,000, but usually “on […]

Phase 1′s “Urgent Gold Information” takeover teaser for “Tiny Gold”

This teaser is going to get a lot of attention from Gumshoe readers, partly because Stansberry Phase 1 Investor teasers always get a lot of attention (they usually tease a small stock and they charge $5,000 for the newsletter, which gives them an aura of awesomeness — deserved or not), and partly because the pitch […]

“Transylvania Gas” and Phase 1′s April 26 Conference Call

This teaser has gotten a lot of attention from my readers, as do all the pitches thrown by the folks at Stansberry’s Phase 1 Investor newsletter — you just know that if you charge $5,000 for a subscription, and use one of the world’s largest investor mailing lists to tease a tiny stock in order […]

Frank Curzio’s “Gold Fracking” — Sniffing out his “Aboveground Miners”

I’ve been blathering about my own investments in these Friday Files for a couple weeks now, but for today we’re going back to sniffing out teaser picks … in this case, a teaser pick for “Gold Fracking” that Frank Curzio has been sending out pretty aggressively for a couple days in pitches for his Small Stock […]

“Territory 4: How to Make a Fortune in the World’s Richest Gold Belt” — “Thinly Traded Gold Firm” for “75 People Only” (Frank Curzio’s Phase 1)

I generally don’t like to write about super-heavily-hyped microcap stocks for the whole Gumshoe readership, because we’re almost guaranteed to cause a spike in the price for that stock. So when I saw the latest teaser for the Phase 1 folks over at Stansberry, and those teasers always cause a huge flood of emails to […]

What is Frank Curzio’s “$10,000 Pill” Stock?

I suppose I should expect this by now — whenever Frank Curzio and the gang put out a teaser for Phase 1 Investor, which is the big-money newsletter from Stansberry & Associates ($5,000/year, though almost always “on sale” at $3,000 when they’re running promos), my inbox gushes like Spindletop. Didn’t matter if it was a […]