“Reminds me of Apple…same cult-like following but at 1/40th the price—and growing twice as fast.”

That quote above is from George Leong, who’s trying to get you to sign up for his Small-Cap Growth Stocks newsletter. He says that new subscribers can “be the FIRST to read about a great undervalued, undiscovered American company that could hand you a $120,000 gain by year’s end.” Sound good? Well, he makes it […]

“A Rare Situation Could Trigger Triple-Digit Gains for This $7 Stock…in the Next 90 Days.”

That headline comes straight from the top of the latest teaser ad I’m looking at now — from George Leong of the Profit Confidential/Lombardi gang, in a pitch for his Pennies to Millions newsletter. I can’t say that I’ve heard of this letter, which might be new (like most publishers, they trot out new letter […]

“Your Next Triple … the $10 Stock Bringing Electricity to 30 Million Chinese”

Today’s exercise in hyperbole comes from the folks at Lombardi Publishing — they’re trying to get you to subscribe to their VIP Fast Track newsletter, which I’ve never heard of before (each of their editors seems to have almost a half-dozen newsletters, perhaps they’re just throwing them out to see what will stick … like […]

Millionaire Maker: “The Healthcare-Plumbing Special Situation”

I thought I’d take a quick look at an ad I received just this morning, in part because it teases us about a “special situation,” and in part because it’s from a newsletter publisher who I don’t think I’ve ever written about before. The ad is from George Leong, who edits Lombardi’s Special Situations, a […]

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