Lombardi’s Penny Stocks to Make you a Millionaire, Part Two

Yesterday I started out with a look at George Leong’s “Hidden Stock #1” from the teaser ad for his Pennies to Millions newsletter — today, as promised, I’m following up with the other two stocks he pitched. These are being hinted at for us as “home run” and “triple digit” opportunities — with the intro […]

Lombardi’s “3 Penny Stocks That Could Make You a MILLIONAIRE!” (Part One)

George Leong edits the Pennies to Millions newsletter for Lombardi, and he’s got an ad out now touting three different “penny stocks” that could make you buckets of cash … … the basic pitch is for “unknown” or “hidden” stocks with “home run” potential, and generally at fairly low prices (using “penny stocks” in the […]

“Reminds me of Apple…same cult-like following but at 1/40th the price—and growing twice as fast.”

That quote above is from George Leong, who’s trying to get you to sign up for his Small-Cap Growth Stocks newsletter. He says that new subscribers can “be the FIRST to read about a great undervalued, undiscovered American company that could hand you a $120,000 gain by year’s end.” Sound good? Well, he makes it […]

“A Rare Situation Could Trigger Triple-Digit Gains for This $7 Stock…in the Next 90 Days.”

That headline comes straight from the top of the latest teaser ad I’m looking at now — from George Leong of the Profit Confidential/Lombardi gang, in a pitch for his Pennies to Millions newsletter. I can’t say that I’ve heard of this letter, which might be new (like most publishers, they trot out new letter […]

“Your Next Triple … the $10 Stock Bringing Electricity to 30 Million Chinese”

Today’s exercise in hyperbole comes from the folks at Lombardi Publishing — they’re trying to get you to subscribe to their VIP Fast Track newsletter, which I’ve never heard of before (each of their editors seems to have almost a half-dozen newsletters, perhaps they’re just throwing them out to see what will stick … like […]

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