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Friday File: Brexit Thoughts and a few nibbles

There was a whisper of panic in the air this morning. Early in the day I had trouble connecting to both the Kitco website (for gold prices) and to Fidelity, among a few other websites that seem to have been temporarily swamped. People are a little jittery about just what they should do with their […]

May Idea of the Month: Automotive Electronics

The “Idea of the Month” for May, which is fast coming to a close, is automotive electronics — and I think we have two interesting options that I’m interested in buying (I don’t own either right now). First is Visteon (VC), an idea which has been kicked around in value investing and “special situations” circles […]

Gold, Copper and Oil

Happy Tax Day! (OK, not really — I’m told you get until the 18th because of holidays this year… but still, April 15 holds a special place in our hearts.) I’m coming to you a bit early with your Friday File this morning, since I’ll be traveling later in the day — our publishing schedule […]

Friday File: The Dark and Ugly Start of 2016

So has this recent weakness been a dip, or is it the beginning of real downward bear market or years of stagnation? Trick question. I Dunno, and neither does anyone else. But I still need to invest to grow my savings over the next 10-20 years or maybe more, so I’m still willing to buy […]

Friday File: What’s up with Sandstorm Gold?

This week there were a couple things that cropped up on the site as articles for the Irregulars — I made one purchase, adding Ligand Pharmaceuticals to my personal portfolio, I answered a more detailed question about a Thai investment I had covered in the past, and I took a quick look at a legal […]

Copper, Nukes and Chinese Agriculture

Before I get into the main focus of today’s note, I want to share two things: First, a quick solution to another teaser, this one circulating mostly to Australians as an ad for the Diggers and Drillers newsletter from the Aussie affiliate of Agora (Port Phillip Publishing). The stock in question doesn’t trade on the […]

Buying and Researching A Gold Streamer

I just added shares of Sandstorm Resources to my portfolio, after having it brought to my attention by one persistent reader and digging into the basics, so for today’s Friday File I thought I’d explore this stock for you, getting into some of the detail and the reasons why I bought. Before that, though, I […]

“Buy Gold for $1” — Outside the Stock Market

Today I’ve been getting a lot of questions from folks about the latest teaser for Mike Williams’ True Income newsletter from Stansberry & Associates. The ad is a pretty brief one, compared to others, and it focuses on something that I’ve written about before in this space — corporate debt. Yes, I’m afraid I just […]

Some Ways to Turn Gold Into an Investment

Gold remains one of the most discussed investment themes of the year, with the price of the yellow metal bumping up and down between $900 and $1,000 an ounce — and I hold some gold and some gold mining stocks as well, but it is, in any decent economy, a terrible investment. I consider holding […]

Buying those “prospect generators”

Now that my three day waiting period has expired I’ve picked up a few shares of Altius Minerals, which I wrote about in response to a Dan Ferris teaser early this week. This is not necessarily a stock that’s particularly leveraged to gold, though it does have an interest in a promising gold project that’s […]

Selling some Gold, kind of

I’ve recently been buying some gold-related stocks, including miners, but today I sold a bit of my physical gold. Prices were getting a bit out of wack, so I was able to sell coins that I bought a year ago, when gold was at almost exactly the same price, for 30% more than I paid. […]

Gold, Golder, Goldest?

Here’s what I can’t tell you: Where the price of gold is going. Here’s what I can tell you: Over the past several weeks, as investor enthusiasm for gold clearly reached the melting point in a big price spike to near $900, I’ve seen almost every gold teaser in the book. Gold is down a bit again today, but the gold bugs are still out in force and certain that they will be vindicated when inflation and dollar devaluation finally rear their ugly heads. What do the experts say now?

Weekend Reading from the Gumshoe

Hello out there, happy investors of Gumshoe Land! For your pleasure this weekend I thought I’d revisit a couple old teasers that have been making the rounds again, since the emails about them have been piling up and, in some cases, the companies may have gotten more or less interesting. The first one is the […]

Holiday Weekend Reading and Some Reader Sleuthing

Greetings, fearless readers. No big new sleuthing project today, but I will share a couple solutions from readers that I haven’t been able to write up in full: 1) There’s a teaser going around from Matt Badiali that’s called “Fraser’s Legacy,” for S&A’s Gold Report, which discusses four ‘Prospect Generators.’ The report is called, “How […]

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