“If you buy one gold stock this year… make it this one”

There are going to be a few folks who are frustrated with the navigator of the good ship Gumshoe today, because we’re again looking at an Australian newsletter teaser — and I’m guessing the stock will be tough to trade for US investors, if our past reveals of Diggers and Drillers picks are any indication. […]

“This Tiny Gold Stock Is Such a Bargain… the Company Is Spending $20 Million to Buy Its Own Stock!”

The latest pitch from Mitchell Clark comes in for the Explosive Mine Stocks newsletter from Lombardi — and I don’t know where the dude finds the time. Clark is apparently now responsible for four or five newsletters at Lombardi, when I’ve written about him in the past he’s tended to focus on small cap stocks […]

Lombardi’s “How to Buy Gold and Get Silver for Free”

That sounds like an enticing headline, right? It’s getting to the point where, with gold at $1,900 an ounce, I’m going to have to start writing about gold mining stocks again — the teasers are piling up, and the querulous villagers are storming Gumshoe Castle and demanding answers. And since so many folks have not […]

“When the Bubble Bursts” Part Two

Yesterday I started looking into some Mark Skousen-teased ideas for ways to profit when the Chinese bubble bursts — today, as promised, we’ll steer the Thinkolator further along this same path and see if we can identify the other ideas he pitched. If you missed part one of our journey, you can see it here. […]

“This next commodities play may become just as profitable for us as the ‘Gold Streaming Bank’” (Peter Krauth)

Many of you remember well or are still enjoying the terrific surge that my favorite gold stock, Sandstorm Gold, enjoyed on the heels of a big push from both Stansberry’s Phase 1 and Peter Krauth’s Global Resource Alert — you can see my latest free article on that one here, and all of my past […]

“The Great Treasure of the Bismarck Sea”

Nothing quite stirs the soul like the promise of undersea adventure and finding sunken pirate treasure — just ask Clive Cussler, who has so excited millions of readers with his stories of undersea adventure and treasure hunting that he doesn’t even have to write his own books anymore. And that fact hasn’t escaped the investment […]

“I found a secret way to make 400% with gov’t-issued bullion – Even if gold NEVER goes up another penny in value”

This story has been making the rounds for quite a while — and in different versions, I’ve written about essentially this same pitch before … but it’s been years since it really hit the Gumshoe radar, and folks keep asking, so I thought I’d check out this latest version of the ad for you. The […]

“Top Pick of the Year: Tiny $2 Canadian Stock Could Make You a Million …” (Lombardi)

Our latest ad rolls in on a tide of resource riches lust — it’s for the new natural resources-focused newsletter from Lombardi called Resource Stock Millionaire … which sounds a lot like their older letter, Explosive Mine Stocks, though this one will be edited by Mitchell Clark (who we’ve written about before, mostly when he’s […]

What is Chris Mayer’s New “Golden Staircase” Tiny Gold Mining Stock?

I hate to pick on Chris Mayer too much, as he seems a nice enough fella and has teased some useful investing ideas in the past — but so many of my readers are asking about this “Golden Staircase” stock that I felt compelled to sniff it out for you … And, yes, to listen […]

“The New El Dorado” (Chris Mayer)

Well, it looks like our tech problems are solved for now … fingers crossed — so I’m republishing what I sent out via email while StockGumshoe.com was down (and yes, if you’re not onboard with the Stock Gumshoe Daily Update, which is free, you missed out!) What follows is all about a little(ish) gold stock, […]

“Buy Canada’s Best Junior Miners for 69 Cents on the Buck”

I guess maybe that headline should be that we can buy Canada’s best junior miners for 69 cents on the Loonie, but that just doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily (though perhaps it should — remember when the Canadian dollar only cost us Americans about 65 cents? It’s now worth more than the depreciating […]

“Chinese Gold Could Pay 100% More than US Gold over theNext Two Years”

If you’ve been a citizen of Gumshoe Nation for more than a year or so, this latest teaser from Matt Badiali for his S&A Resource Report might sound a bit familiar, it’s all about buying Chinese gold miners because of China’s voracious appetite for gold – and because these particular miners have the state’s backing. […]

$884 Million of a Serbian King’s Gold (Republished from the Friday File)

Though the “secret” stock behind this teaser has been identified many times in the comments here and elsewhere, I continue to get a lot of questions about the “Serbian king’s gold” — so since I wrote this one up in a Friday File for the Irregulars about two weeks ago I can now share my […]

“Revolutionary Mining Company with 1,000%+ Potential Returns”

An attentive reader recently forwarded an email teaser ad to me for a newsletter called The Dollar Vigilante, not one I’d heard of before — but it is edited by Ed Bugos, whose name might ring a bell if you frequent gold and mining websites, and the teaser language rang a little bell deep in […]

“Collect a 8.4% Dividend From a Unique American Gold Investment”

Dividends + Gold = Pretty much 99% of the questions I get from readers in any given day, so the headline of this teaser about getting a “8.4% Dividend From a Unique American Gold Investment” from Ian Wyatt for his Small Cap Investor Pro caught my eye: high dividends and gold? Where do I sign […]

“Three Million Ounces of Gold Buried Beneath an Australian Peninsula”

Most of you are aware that I usually spend my Fridays writing new material just for the Irregulars (the Friday File and the “Idea of the Month” writeups) — but sometimes, after a bit of time has passed, I will share occasional “Irregulars only” ideas with the rest of the class. That’s the case today […]

Does President Obama Want to Confiscate Your Gold?

Here’s how the headline reads for this latest teaser from the Taipan folks, for Zachary Scheidt’s New Growth Investor: “Urgent Gold Investing Alert: “President Obama Wants to Confiscate Your Gold “Buried deep inside the healthcare reform bill is a law that could set the stage for the federal government to take away ALL your gold. […]