Travis, the material of the future–graphene–and additive construction–3D printing (or layering)–are here today; yet, so far the only company I can which seems to be working with graphene is Sigma-Aldrich (SIAL). I’ve looked at several graphene related sites, mostly academic/research related, but can’t find out how this/these developments being capitalized, nor how a little fella […]

GTI – Graphics Technology

This small firm (no longer listed) had lots of potential in the graphene area, so I bought some shares. Later a BDC using apparently legal machinations, had it absorbed into another company and the outside stockholders were forced (no choice) to sell their stock for a very little appreciation. If this is legal, why would […]

Revealed: “In the Race to Graphene Domination, Here’s The Company That’s Going to Win” (Oxford Club)

I couldn’t resist pulling this one out of the bin in the basement — the teaser ad came across my screen several times this week, which probably means that the Oxford Club folks are mailing it pretty heavily again…. and the ad they’re sending out is pretty much exactly, as far as I’ve been able […]

Curzio’s “The 20-Second Battery: Investing in a Miracle Material”

Today we have to put my usual cautionary note up top. The stock Frank Curzio is pitching as the key supplier for “The 20-Second Battery” is ridiculously small. It has already been recommended to his subscribers over at Phase 1 Investor, so presumably they’ve gotten their fill of the stock (he also touted it about […]

“The Death of Batteries” to “Hand Early Investors Life-Changing Gains?”

If you can harness the frustration of the thousands of people whose cell phone batteries die at an inopportune time, or those whose children run through dozens of AA batteries in a weekend with their electronic toys, you might just change the world. Or at least, get a lot attention for your latest stock newsletter […]

2012 Turkey of the Year

Every year, as Thanksgiving comes around, the President calls up a turkey to the Rose Garden to be ceremonially pardoned … and your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe calls up a turkey of a stock pick from the annals of the teaserdom to be ceremonially pilloried, as a reminder to all of us about just what stinkers […]

“What is this building hiding?” Byron King’s teased “Miracle Material” stock

“What is this Tiny Tech Company in Maryland Hiding? “And why could it mean… “The End of Silicon Valley as We Know It “Much of what you are about to see remains unknown to those outside of scientific and industrial circles… “Many researchers are hailing it as a ‘miracle material’ – and quite possibly the […]

“The Most Shocking Video on the Internet” (What’s Curzio’s “invisibility cloak” stock?)

I had another note in mind to share with you today, but the overwhelming demand for answers about the new Phase 1 promo that started mailing last night has jumped it to the top of my inbox. Frank Curzio’s Phase 1 Investor newsletter, which is the pricey letter published by Stansberry ($5,000, but usually “on […]

“Worst Pricing Mismatch I’ve Ever Seen” (Nick Hodge)

Nick Hodge has been teasing a favorite graphite stock since late last year, and he’s lately been pushing it hard again, saying that this particular mine is now the source of the “worst pricing mismatch” he’s ever seen. Which gets the blood boiling at least a little bit, right? After all, what is the point […]

“This Makes Everything Obsolete” Graphite Pick from Nick Hodge

“This Makes Everything Obsolete “50,000x thinner than a human hair… “230x more powerful than silicon… “200x stronger than steel… “New ‘miracle material’ promises breakthroughs in everything from batteries and medical science… to oil exploration and defense systems… “Here’s your chance to be first in line for 300% gains. That’s how the ad from Nick Hodge […]

“Canada’s Massive Mine” owned by “One Tiny Explorer”

This teaser ad has been around for a few months in various forms, but it continues to be among the most-queried pitches here at Stock Gumshoe, and there’s a big new push for this ad just today that’s generating even more questions — so I thought I’d toss you a quick reminder of the details […]

“The Next Big Thing … Be Among the First”

The folks at the Money Map Press are pitching one of those “kitchen sink” deals where you pay up front to get all of their newsletters for life — these are usually in the neighborhood of $3,000-5,000 with an “annual maintenance fee” that’s generally around a hundred bucks, and this one is right in line […]

“Coming Soon: the Paper-Thin iPad … how you can profit now”

It seems a little petty now, with these miraculous little iPad doohickeys, to complain that they’re too heavy, or too thick — seriously? They’re thousands of times more powerful than the Mac that got me through college just fine. Though I will be attending my 20th reunion this summer, and I couldn’t watch TV or […]

“Today’s $16 Tech Stock to Hit $30 With or Without You” — Navellier’s Graphene Chip Stock Revealed

Today for our Monday version of the Friday File (delayed, as I intimated last week in our abbreviated Friday commentary, by a brain sprain here at Gumshoe HQ) I want to take a look at a Navellier teaser. Not because the teaser itself is so unique or exciting — it’s not, it’s the same basic […]

“New Silicon” — Byron King’s “85 cent Stock that Could Make You Rich”

Friday File articles, like “Idea of the Month” writeups, are generally password-protected for our paying members — this commentary was made available to all readers on October 7, 2011 but the content not been edited or revised since the original publication date. The author continues to not have any personal interest in the stocks mentioned […]