Coober Pedy and the “$20 Trillion Opportunity”

This piece was originally published as part of the Friday File two weeks ago, and we’re re-sharing this excerpt with all of our free readers because the ad is driving so many questions our way. It has not been edited or updated, though to our knowledge neither has the original “interview” ad from mid February. […]

$20 Trillion of Oil in Coober Pedy?

Friday File look at a Kent Moors teaser about Australia's Arckaringa Basin ... and updates on a few faves

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Another “Contrarian Bonanza” — “world-beating stock that has recently been unfairly taken to the cleaners”

I said I’d keep digging into the picks from Martin Weiss and Tom Essaye as they teased ‘em for their Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio service, so let’s sniff around and see where the clues send us. The first unveiling of one of these picks, if you missed it, also included the basic background on the MDCP […]

Starting the Year with the Other Experts …

Most of the time I write about the investment newsletter business — the pundits who sell their expertise, the copywriters who make the mundane seem otherworldly, and the outrageous promises and teases that the publishers use to convince us to subscribe to newsletters that proffer investment research and stock tips. But it’s worth noting that […]