“This Secretive Argentinian Just Solved Our Energy Crisis”

I should tell you up front that this isn’t the newest teaser in my inbox — I’ve had it come in from readers a few times in the last month or so, but I think it was probably written right around the beginning of the year … in part because of some of the specific […]

“Turn $4k into $107,280 with the Biggest Metals Investment of the 21st Century”

Here’s today’s big fat promise: “YOU can cash in up to 2,682%… “As a tiny Canadian mining company taps into a $60 billion deposit of one of the most crucial metals ever discovered.” Sounds pretty good, eh? I confess to only having had a couple investments show that kind of return in my life, and […]

“Wall Street’s Favorite Silver Stock” – Luke Burgess

Luke Burgess, who I don’t believe I’ve written about in the past couple years, is pitching his Hard Money Millionaire advisory by saying he’s found the next Silver Standard Resources (SSRI). He starts out by essentially saying that he’s following the big money — he noticed which institutions were heavily invested in SSRI, which saw […]