“Don’t Buy Apple Tomorrow Morning, Buy This Instead”

This article was originally published — with more or less the same clues and the same pitch, and the same stock being featured, back on September 4, 2012. I’ve added this note to the beginning and a supplemental note to the end, and changed the headline (back in September their hype was “Time is Running […]

“U.S. Navy Supplier—a Company with NO Competitors—Could Bring You Another 77% Profits in the Next 10 Months”

I hope the folks at the Federal Trade Commission aren’t reading today, because I have to make a confession: I start to feel all squishy inside when I think of monopolies. After all, what could be better as an investor? A company that is the only supplier of its product, with plenty of demand and […]

“The Next Berkshire Hathaway: How this ‘Must-Buy’ Could Help Make You a Buffett-Sized Fortune”

I don’t think I’ve ever written a word about Charles Mizrahi, but he’s been around for a while as a respected value stock picker with at least one newsletter under his name … and he’s got a teaser ad out now that’s getting the attention of Gumshoe readers, so I thought it an opportune time […]

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