What’s “The Donald J. Trump Income Retirement Plan?”

This is just silly. Politicians always find their names appropriated by newsletter ad campaigns, because it’s an easy way to catch your eye — you’re already (or maybe not you, but lots of folks) feeling passionate about Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, or President Obama or whoever… so if those names are blazoned across an […]

Wyatt’s “2 High-Yield Dividend Payers on Buffett’s Island”

“Dozens of the world’s wealthiest are watching their income soar here… “… it’s not just because of its warm, tropical breezes and its pristine, crystal-clear waters. “And it’s not just because there’s no crime and little-to-no unemployment. “You see, this island paradise differs from so much of the developed in a much more fundamental way… […]

Collect Monthly Rent up to $4,734 Without Being a Landlord?

Sounds good, right? Sitting back and collecting a nice rent check every month — without having to be the guy who fixes the roof or calls the plumber or has to deal with tenants who skip town without paying or have loud parties and annoy the neighbors? It’s perfect! And, of course, it’s been eminently […]

Explaining “How to Collect Your Government-Backed Real Estate Tax Rebate Checks”

This pitch has been around for more than a year now, but apparently it’s in heavy rotation again so I took another look today. And yes, you guessed it, the ad is almost completely unchanged from what ran in the Spring of 2013… the same pitch for REIT dividends being “Real Estate Tax Rebates,” the […]

“Little-known ‘Silicon Valley bank’ pays out a steady and safe 8.7% cash stream”

“There’s a secret income opportunity buried deep within dusty Silicon Valley… “It’s called the Silicon Valley bank and it churns out a steady cash stream of 8.71%. “But unlike customary Silicon Valley deals, this unique opportunity isn’t reserved solely for big shots, private venture capital firms or Wall Street investment banks… “In other words, this […]

Wyatt’s “The One Oil Company Paying Shareholders a 10X Bonus Dividend”

This is a teaser pitch that Ian Wyatt has been making for some time for his High-Yield Wealth newsletter, but it’s been about two years now since I first saw and wrote about this pitch … … and he is still pretty aggressively spreading this particular gospel, with the latest urgent rush to buy the […]

“How to Collect Your First All-American Gas Rebate Check”

Ian Wyatt is selling his High-Yield Wealth newsletter by promising to help you get your first “gas rebate check” that can offset your high fuel expenses. Which sounds appealing, right? No one likes to fill up at the gas station, and people go gaga even for simple store card rebate programs that give you five […]

“A small class of dividend companies will come out on top – regardless of whether Congress raises dividend taxes.”

“January 1, 2013 it begins… “Just 54 Days left before your dividends get thrown off the fiscal cliff… “Most dividend investors will be wiped out by the coming tax nightmare… “But a small class of dividend companies will come out on top – regardless of whether Congress raises dividend taxes.” That’s the lead-in to the […]

What is the “N54(a) Retirement Account” teased by Ian Wyatt?

Ian Wyatt is promoting his High Yield Wealth newsletter by touting a “little-known government loophole” that he thinks could help you collect a lot more income than a 401(k) account … so, naturally, we want to know what it is. Here’s how he drums up interest: “How a little-known government loophole called the ‘N54(a) Retirement […]

Is “the 13.16% CD” Offered Until March 27 Real? (Ian Wyatt’s tease for High Yield Wealth)

“What most investors don’t realize is that for a limited time, one American bank is offering an exclusive, under-the-radar CD that yields up to 13.16% annually. And just like any other CD – the principal is 100% insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000.” That’s what draw my eye to the latest tease from […]

“The Secret Bonus 10X Dividend No One Tells You About”

Sometimes we have a tendency to forget that the reason to own something is almost always to earn money on your investment — and that’s where dividends come in. Movements in stock prices and capital gains depend on the vagaries of the market, with stocks sometimes priced at 10 times earnings and sometimes at 30X […]