The “Boutique Money Bomb” and “The World’s Employment Agency”

Well, we took a brief break yesterday but I’m now back at it — looking at Hilary Kramer’s “Barn Burner” pitches for her Breakout Stocks Under $10 newsletter. The basic idea, if you’ll recall, is that she’s picking low-priced stocks (that’s the “Under $10” part) that she thinks will break out either because they are […]

Kramer’s “Breakout Stocks to Rocket 50% by March 31, 2014”

Hilary Kramer is pretty well known to most Gumshoe readers not just because her publisher, Investorplace, sends us an email promoting her services every couple days, but also because she gets herself on TV fairly often and has written a couple investing books (including one with her fellow newsletter scribe Louis Navellier) — and she […]

Hilary Kramer’s “New King of the Post-PC Era”

Hilary Kramer’s purview is continuing to grow over at Investorplace Media — Louis Navellier has been a little quiet on the marketing front, Robert Hsu is long gone, but I’ve been seeing a lot of Hilary Kramer pitches lately. And the recent one that’s caught a lot of attention from Gumshoe readers is for her […]

“The Death Of Microsoft — And The Dawn Of Its Rapidly Growing Replacement”

The Gumshoe faithful have been asking about Hilary Kramer and her latest teaser pitch, so we’re going to ID at least her “#1” idea here — and possibly we’ll get into the rest of ’em if there’s interest. The basic idea is much like past ads from the Motley Fool and others — that cloud […]

“Breakthrough ‘Superbug Firewall’ Could Save Millions… And Make You Rich”

Hospital acquired infections are a huge health care problem — and where there’s a huge problem, there are people trying to make money by solving it. That’s the beauty of the entrepreneurial spirit … and you’ve probably seen various teasers over the years about companies that are trying to “kill the superbugs” and help both […]

“Time To Buy” part two — “Sky’s the Limit on This Tech GameChanger”

Yesterday we took a quick look at one of the stocks teased by Hilary Kramer for her GameChangers newsletter … and since I got started, I can’t seem to help myself, I’m going to go ahead and sniff out another stock teased in the same ad. Why? Well, partly because the lovely Stock Gumshoe readers […]

“It’s time to BUY!” Hilary Kramer’s “The Next Costco”

I haven’t written about one of Hilary Kramer’s “Gamechanger” stocks in a while, so while lots of folks are feeling blue, doldrummy, or just plain pessimistic during the ides of July I thought I’d throw in a little of her optimism for you. She’s teasing a few stocks that she thinks her subscribers should load […]

“Freeze the Fat Away … Quick 40% Profit” (Hilary Kramer)

I’ll admit right up front that there’s something appealing about this company’s service, at least for your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe … who is a bit more roly-poly than he might like. It’s Hilary Kramer pitching to us again, teasing us that she’s recommending a company that can “freeze the fat away” and that should be […]

Breakout Stocks Under $10

Weekly newsletter that trades stocks under $10 (used to be “Breakout Stocks Under $5”) with “breakout potential” either because they’re at bargain prices, are in turnaround, or are about to get a sudden growth surge.

“Great Online Advertising Play” owned by John Paulson, and “The Only Smart Way to Profit From Solar” (Hilary Kramer)

I wrote about Hilary Kramer and her new(ish) GameChangers newsletter for the first time just a couple weeks ago — so it’s certainly too early to judge whether her teaser stocks tend to perform as she predicts (that pick, Metalico, is down about 10% from when I wrote about it … but I don’t hold […]

“An Incredible Opportunity …. My newest pick is a scrap metal recycler on the verge of breaking out”

Well, the questions have been pouring in for months about this newsletter … so finally I’m taking a look. This teaser comes in from Hilary Kramer, urging you to be a charter subscriber to her Breakout Stocks Under $5 newsletter, which looks for, you guessed it, stocks trading under $5 — a category that some […]