2013 Turkey of the Year: Dry Holes in the Ocean

Fanfare, please! It’s time, once again, for the Turkey of the Year announcement! Every year, as millions of American families place a golden-brown turkey ceremoniously on their Thanksgiving table, we here at Stock Gumshoe try to pick out the most overcooked, overyhyped, and overstuffed turkey from among the hundreds of stocks we’ve written about in […]

Halfway Through the Year … How are the Teasers Doing?

Now that we’re putting June to bed, I thought I’d take just a minute to check on the stocks we’ve revealed over the first half of 2013 and see what’s happening. As you probably know, we track the prices of each of the stocks we uncover from the hyped teaser promotions — almost all of […]

“Energy’s Last Great Frontier … The Untold Story”

I’m being flummoxed by extremely slow WiFi on my flight today, so can’t get the research completed for the new article I had planned. In case you’re looking for something to read on this lovely Tuesday afternoon, this is a teaser-unveiling excerpt from a Friday File we published in late March. It has NOT been […]

“Energy’s Last Great Frontier — Major News Of This Promising Play Could Come At Any Moment”

I’ve got a couple notes for you today on companies I own and follow, including updates on Lonrho and Retail Opportunity Investments Corp. to respond to some questions I’ve been getting, but first we’ve got a bit of a teaser to dig through — and it’s an oldie that has been brought back a couple […]

“Enormous ‘Oil Kitchen’ Discovered in Energy’s Last Great Frontier” (Byron King)

The great Gumshoe faithful have been focused on one thing over the last couple days: what the heck is Byron King talking about with his “oil kitchen?” That term might sound familiar to you — King first recommended a stock using that “oil kitchen” phrase, referring to a large oil source area offshore Namibia, back […]