Tomorrow: “The Biggest Gold Story of the Last 50 Years Hits the Press?” (McCoach)

“This tiny gold outfit already tripled investor’s money since we first alerted you one year ago! But over the next five minutes, find out how Wednesday’s historic news could triple your money… AGAIN!” That’s how the latest missive for Greg McCoach’s Insider Alert gets started — McCoach also runs a wider-circulation newsletter called Mining Speculator […]

“Best Gold Story in 14 Years?” McCoach

“Will your assets be forced into … the New Obama IRA?” [cue spooky music, please!] “If you think your 401(k) statement looks bad now, just wait… Your retirement funds could soon be devastated at the hands of a new government initiative to “save” your retirement. “Still, you can avoid this coming disaster and protect your […]

McCoach: “A Penny Stock Safe Enough for your Portfolio”

This is a recent teaser from Greg McCoach, who writes the Mining Speculator for Angel publishing and also has a new service that tracks his personal portfolio. We looked at the first stock he teased from the eight he chose for his initial personal portfolio, but now he’s teasing another one … let’s check it […]

McCoach: Bank Failure? Buy This Miner

This is a teaser that has been around before, but the whole lead and urgent emotional appeal have changed quite a bit — so I thought it worthy of some comment. This is for Greg McCoach’s Insider Alert … and they want you to be very afraid (“afraid” is particularly good for precious metals investors). […]

“The Weismann Secret — $24 Million in Profits”

This teaser email comes in from the folks at the Oxford Club, who are selling what sounds like a new service from Alexander Green called the Insider Alert. It normally sells for $2,900, they tell us, but is currently available for $1,011. This service tracks insider buying, as do so many others, and tries to […]