“Last Mile Revolution: Rural WiMax Broadband”

This one has been floating around for a week or so, and if I’m right about the company that’s being teased it has already taken flight thanks in part, I expect, to the incessant marketing from Jonathan Kolber’s Emerging Capital Report. Whether it will stay up in the intermediate term, I don’t know. But I’m […]

“The Next Cisco” and Email Influence on Shares

We’ve written about the “next Cisco” before — last time, it was DivX and it was being teased by Brian Hicks … not terribly successful, so far. This time, however, we’re looking at another older teaser that’s made the rounds many times — I’ve seen it going back to at least March. And since this […]

“Hi-def video is the new e-mail”

[For those of you who've been around for a while, this is one we sleuthed out about a month ago but this is an updated version of the writeup -- the company changed names and tickers recently] “Hi-def video is the new e-mail” is apparently Tobin Smith’s new mantra, as he says in an email […]