Big Gold

Focuses on various aspects of investing in gold and gold-related investments.

S&A Pro Trader

Trading research service focused on Jeff Clark’s options trading strategy.

Latest Frontier “Pioneer Pick” from Casey’s Big Gold

Yep, another gold stock. The gold fear is leaving the markets at least a little bit now that the price has flattened out a bit in the $1,200-1,400 range over the last several months, and I expect it won’t be too long before the teaser stock mania picks up again for the miners. Today we’ve […]

“Canada’s Golden Tollbooths” from Casey’s Big Gold

Several readers have recently sent in questions about a recent teaser ad from Big Gold, the “entry level” resource investing newsletter from Doug Casey’s newsletter stable … they’re pitching the idea of “Golden Tollbooths” that they think represent one of the best business models in the world, and though they hint around about a couple […]

“Amsterdam Secret: $1,667 a Month (or More) with an Overseas Retirement Secret”

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve written about this particular investment newsletter from the Stansberry folks, so I thought I should take a look for all the new people we have on board here at Stock Gumshoe over the last six months … and to see if he’s changing up his strategy at […]

“Little-known ‘S.E.A.’ Event to Rock Financial World on Nov. 19?”

The latest teaser ad for Jeff Clark’s S&A Short Report is getting a lot of attention from my readers — it’s all about something they call a “Special Earnings Announcement” (SEA), which essentially means an earnings announcement that stands out as likely to cause an outsized move in the stock, either up or down. Here’s […]

“48 Karat Gold: An Investment Worth Twice Its Weight in Gold”

Well, the gold price seems to be recovering slightly this morning after a few days of backtracking once it got close to the $1,000 level again … so it’s time to look at another gold ad, no? Today’s feature is an ad for the Big Gold service from Casey Research, edited by Jeff Clark (there […]

“Screw You! — Scam the Richest CEOs in America”

One of the introductions to this ad reads thus: “Use this code: CKUCU. “If you go to your brokerage account today… type in stock ticker COF… and enter the code’s 5 letters – you’ll receive $920 within 5 minutes.” But the more fun introduction, the one that’s probably really getting peoples’ attention, is this: “Use […]

Fake Names for Options Trading … a Vacation Special

OK, so the vacation rerun pile is getting a little thin here … thought you might be interested in seeing all of the many ads that have been sent in the past year promising that you can get cash payouts that are better than dividends, and easy as pie. These ads all tout one version […]

Collecting “Market Commissions” on Stocks — Jeff Clark

It’s baaaack! Jeff Clark’s Advanced Income investment newsletter is now being sold using yet another ad that has a clever invented name for his strategy — this time, we’re told that you can make a “market commission” on your stock and pull in money from your broker in just ten minutes. “Beginning right now, you […]

“Unclaimed Dividends: 2-page form, collect $2,100″ Jeff Clark

“If you complete and return the 2-page form sampled above, your broker could pay you $2,100 in less than 2 weeks. What’s even more incredible is that soon after you could receive an additional check for about $1,200.” That’s the latest “free money” tease from the folks at Stansberry & Associates — leading us into […]

“Quick Draws” and “No Money Down” Options

This is a new email that people have been sending my way over the past few hours, but for those of you who’ve been around Gumshoedom for a while it will probably sound familiar. The ad is for Jeff Clark’s Advanced Income service from Stansberry & Associates, and it touts two special reports that describe […]

“California Overnight Dividends”

“Is it really possible to safely make $5,500 or more, in cash, in the next 24 hours?” That’s how they open this teaser for a new investment newsletter from Stansberry and Associates, called Jeff Clark’s Advanced Income. And just as an aside, duh, of course you can safely make $5,500 or more in 24 hours […]