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Jeff Opdyke’s ”Profit Seeker”

We got this question from a reader and are turning to our readers for some input. Please comment if you have know about this service:  Would you please comment on Jeff Opdyke’s ”Profit Seeker”. Does it work? Is it doable for someone with reasonable intelligence or is it very difficult to set up? Thank you.

“Will The $2.4 Billion ‘Weil Project’ Make This Stock Soar Too?”

I do have a quick teaser unveiling to share with you for today’s Friday File, but I want to start with a look at a stock that I own and that I suggested to the Irregulars several years ago, Sprott Resource Corp. (SCP in Canada, SCPZF on the pink sheets) Why? Because they just agreed […]

“How the Coming Switch to Digital Currency Could Make You Rich” (Jeff Opdyke)

I usually have fun looking at Jeff Opdyke’s teasers — he writes the Sovereign Individual letter for the Sovereign Society, and he often picks up on little foreign stocks that pique my interest (as you’ve probably noted, I have a soft spot in my heart for obscure stuff that’s sometimes hard to trade — it’s […]

“China’s Screwed” … how to profit from the “tiny company [that] solves the #1 threat to China’s economy.”

For as long as there’s been a Stock Gumshoe (that’s since 2007, in case anyone’s askin’), there’s been an easy pitch to be made that goes like this: China is polluting it’s water like crazy. China has a godawful number of people. China needs to spend a helluva lot of money on cleaning up their […]

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What’s Jeff Opdyke’s “Cybornetic Web Revolution” Stock?

Jeff Opdyke, who writes the Global Growth Strategist newsletter ($895 per year, thanks very much) for the Sovereign Society, is teasing us about a small-cap way to get in on the “Cybornetic web revolution” … and lots of Gumshoe readers have been asking for an unveiling of this mystery that costs a bit less than […]

This “Censored” Profit-Builder “Registered Huge Blip”

Today’s hype-ly delight comes in for a newsletter by Jeff Opdyke, who used to be a Wall Street Journal writer (columnist, most recently — which is why his name might sound familiar from the weekend “Love and Money” column that he quit last month), and gave that up for what is probably a dramatically more […]

“The $58 Billion Mining Coup of the Century” (Sovereign Society)

Well, we have here today another of those stinkin’ teaser ad “presentations” that doesn’t allow access direct to the transcript … so I’ve got to listen to the whole dang thing. Never doubt how much I love you, dear Gumshoe Faithful! Here’s the pitch from the Sovereign Society, from Jeff Opdyke (he’s teasing to tempt […]