WSD Insider

Monthly investment letter that aims to recommend advanced small and mid cap tech companies, as well as contrarian and value ideas. Replaced the similarly focused White Cap Report newsletter when the publisher changed names.

Karim Rahemtulla’s Cyprus Gas Tease

OK, OK — the most asked-about teaser ad this week has been Karim Rahemtulla’s pitch about Cypriot natural gas for his newly launched newsletter … so although the clues are thin and the presentation was tiresome to listen to, your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe is digging in. But it’s only because I love you. The new […]

Oil & Energy Confidential

New energy-focused newsletter from Karim Rahemtulla, focus on “insider” knowledge of Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. Appears to plan on recommending stock trades and amplifying those trades with options strategies.

“World’s Best Stock” — Code Name: Project Lightning

This article was originally published in the Friday File for Irregulars on July 6, it was opened up to all readers on October 11 but has not been edited, updated or otherwise changed. Today we’re taking a look at a new teaser that started running this week, with most folks apparently getting it yesterday or […]

More “Pit Bull” Plays from Mt. Vernon

Yesterday we looked at the “one shot” heart disease biotech stock from Marc Lichtenfeld, who’s one of the group that Mt. Vernon Research is calling their “pit bulls” as they pitch the special report with some favorite picks from the gang. And lo and behold, they go on to tease a bunch of other investments […]

Pocket Nine-times your money with HCIT: “This Discreet Amsterdam ‘Rendezvous’ Will Ignite a $678 Billion Tech Explosion”

One of the fun things about serving as your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe is that boredom is never a challenge — each morning I get up and check the email box, and there’s invariably some bit of balderdash in there just waiting for a look-see. And today? No different, as you’ve no doubt surmised. Today […]

“Photon Beam Technology Kills Cancer in 16 Minutes”

This ad has been crashing in on Gumshoe beach in massive waves over the last week, so I thought it might be time to take a gander. It’s for the Xcelerated Profits report at Mt. Vernon Research — the last time I saw a similar ad it was from Karim Rahemtulla for this same report, […]

“The Gibraltar Strategy: A Better Way to Generate Extra Income” — Karim Rahemtulla

I’m sure a number of you have seen the email ad for Karim Rahemtulla’s Strategic Income newsletter … here’s what he promises in exchange for your subscription fee of $1,250: “‘Gibraltar Strategy’ Cranks Out 10-Times More Cash From Stocks Than Dividends” Sounds good, no? It gets better! “On October 16, a handful of income-seekers had […]

“Surety Income Certificates MUST Pay You Money!” Rahemtulla

When the world looks bleak, the skies darken, and the locusts appear to be swarming on CNBC, we can always count on one thing: Newsletter editors will be trying whatever they can to convince you that they see the way forward, or that they have a safe haven for your money. Karim Rahemtulla is no […]

Fake Names for Options Trading … a Vacation Special

OK, so the vacation rerun pile is getting a little thin here … thought you might be interested in seeing all of the many ads that have been sent in the past year promising that you can get cash payouts that are better than dividends, and easy as pie. These ads all tout one version […]

Closing out “Capone’s Legacy” … Cigars, Cigarettes, Slot Machines?

I’ve probably thrown out more chatter than anyone can tolerate about Al Capone and sin stocks, so maybe now we should just go through the three remaining “sin stock” teasers, in businesslike fashion, with a minimum of interruptions … Capone’s Legacy Stock #4 from Karim Rahemtulla … “How to Book 548% From the Slots” “This […]

Capone’s Legacy, continued … Booze and Gambling. Mmmmm.

Well, even the AP is playing along, trotting out the tried-and-true “people drink more during recessions” article yesterday … to go along with Karim Rahemtulla’s “Capone’s Legacy” stocks. We took a brief look at Anheuser Busch yesterday, which has a slight connection to Capone because the Chicago gangster bought a summer home that had been […]

“Profit from Al Capone’s Legacy” Xcelerated Profits

This is the first we’ve heard in a couple months from the folks at Xcelerated Profits, the newsletter run by Karim Rahemtulla from the Agora/Oxford/Mt. Vernon megaplex in Baltimore, and he’s apparently spent that time wisely building a big ‘ol sales letter that teases a bunch of companies and includes some fun Al Capone history. […]

“MAJOR INSIDE BUY – Wall Street’s Insider Play of the Year” Xcelerated Profits

This is a teaser that many of you have already figured it out, but I’m still seeing it in heavy rotation so I thought I’d share … it’s from an ad for Karim Rahemtulla’s Xcelerated Profits Report, I don’t think we’ve looked at his stuff since their fabulous ad for “Dark Equities” a few months […]

“Dark Equities: Secret of the Wealthy 1%”

This one comes in from Karim Rahemtulla, and it’s my favorite kind of teaser: The one where they invent a fancy new term for a relatively commonplace investment strategy, and use it to convince you that the newsletter provides a connection to the deep, hidden world of Wall Street that can unlock the riches that […]