“Obamacare: Don’t get mad, get RICH!” (sez Money Map Press)

The latest screed from Danielle O’Dell for the Money Map Report is aimed at first getting you all fired up about Obamacare, in case you’re one of the seven people in the United States that doesn’t already have a strong opinion about that law’s impending enactment, and then, more importantly, at telling you that she’s […]

What’s the next “IMF Super Dividend?”

Keith Fitz-Gerald and the folks at the Money Map Report are pitching something they call “Super Dividends” — payments that dwarf the typical dividend and that they say are even distinct from “special dividends.” But not content to promise big returns ($16,559 as soon as June 28, they say), they also claim that they can […]

“How to Double Your Money on ‘The Next Whole Foods’”

Today’s tease comes in for the Money Map Report, in some articles where they hint around about the best way to double your money on the stock they think can be the “Next Whole Foods.” The pick is by Keith Fitz-Gerald, but We get a bit of an introduction from Steve Christ in a free […]

What are Keith Fitz-Gerald’s “Cyber Military Complex” Picks?

Some pondering was going on as I figured out what to write to you about this week for our Friday File — there’ve been some developments at a handful of the companies that I follow or own, but most of the news has been fairly standard quarterly releases that didn’t shake the trees very much […]

“This Product Could Be Required On Every Electronic Device Made After January 3, 2012″ (Keith Fitz-Gerald)

There’s a bit of a tendency for some newsletter publishers to use military imagery in their letters, to try to convey an image that you’re like a Navy SEAL, sneaking up on your target to dispatch a terrorist leader with maximum prejudice (or, as the case may be, buy a stock and make some money, […]

Strike Force

Trading advisory with goal of “getting in fast, extracting all the profit we can, and getting out safe.”

MicroQuake Alert

Looks for big returns from penny stock and microcap “special situations”

“‘Warrior Antibodies’: New ‘Smart Drug’ Unleashes Holy Hell on Nature’s Deadliest Disease”

Today I thought I’d finally take a look at the “warrior antibodies” teaser that’s been circulating for a few weeks now — I know a few of my readers have already figured this one out, but I continue to get questions about this tease every day. So … answers? The teaser is that there’s a […]

“One Canadian Mine is Giving Away Gold … The best junior mining company in the history of junior mining companies.”

So, did that headline catch your attention? That’s the heart of a new teaser ad out from Keith Fitz-Gerald, trying to get you to subscribe to the Money Map Report. The ad is all about becoming a “Kevlar Investor” by investing in “near guaranteed” 300% gains and protecting yourself from “financial terrorism.” And don’t worry, […]

“Micro-Quake Plays Poised to Rock Your Portfolio …” [part one]

Earlier today I posted a guest article from “A StockGumshoe Aficionado” that went into the nitty-gritty on the claims of this particular newsletter and its “system,” you can read that in-depth article here, and along the way you may pick up a bit of an education about some of the red flags to look for […]

“The Top Chinese Company on my Radar Right Now …”

That’s how Keith Fitz-Gerald describes the “China Winner #1″ stock that he’s been teasing in a recent email. The email is actually a good fun one, too — the copywriters were busy, with my favorite part being the headline: “To All the Panda-Bashers Out There: “Shut the ‘H’ Up! “Their rank ignorance has already cost […]

“The One Thing Every Energy Company Desperately Needs” Money Map

I started yesterday to look at the latest teaser ad from Keith Fitz-Gerald and his Money Map Report – the basic theme of this ad is that the sovereign wealth funds have tons of cash, and Keith thinks he can predict where that money will go. He teased three companies in that ad — the […]

“Wall Street’s New Boss” Money Map Report

Here’s how this ad begins: “Wall Street Just Got a New Boss… “And It’s Not Paulson, Bernanke, Pelosi or Bush… “It’s a small group of 5 investors who now control more money than all the investment banks ever did in their heyday – and they’re using it at will… “Here’s how you “front run” their […]