“The Easiest Investment to Make in the Oil Patch For The Next Twenty Years”

“Buy and Hold for 20 years” sounds like a dream come true for me — I don’t like trading in and out of stocks very often, I prefer to own good companies and watch them nicely compound for a long period of time (not that I don’t speculate on stuff from time to time for […]

“The Money Machine:” Keith Schaefer’s “Premiere Growth+Dividend Investment”

I haven’t written about Keith Schaefer in a while, so with oil prices dropping and scaring all the oil investors I thought we’d take a gander at the stock he’s teasing as “one of the safest, long-term growth investments I have ever come across in my investing career.” The pitch is that this company is […]

“The World’s Frontier Oil… through a New ‘Spy’ Lens”

This article was originally published in February, but we’ve had a few questions about this one so we’re re-running it for you today — the stock is up nicely since the original publication thanks to some improving results and, more importantly, to a recent joint White Paper with Pemex that got them quite a bit […]

Keith Schaefer’s “A Natural Gas Play Better than Oil”

I’ve had a number of questions from folks about the latest pitch from Keith Schaefer for his Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin, which is all about a natural gas pick — somewhat contrarian in these days when gas prices remain low and energy producers are bending over backward to prove to investors that they’re focused […]

“Canada’s $35 Billion Giveaway” Tease from Keith Schaefer

This latest spiel from Keith Schaefer ties in so many of the things we love to see in a hypetastic ad — international intrigue, conspiracies, companies with unfair advantages and, of course, windfall profits. Who can resist, right? The basic idea is that Schaefer has found a company that’s benefitting from the fact that Canada’s […]

“The Biggest Back-up of Crude in North American History – Paying Out One of the Highest Dividends I’ve Ever Seen” (Keith Schaefer)

Keith Schaefer got some attention from us a few weeks ago when he was teasing a play on natural gas liquids (NGLs), but we’re going back to the well here because we’ve gotten a bunch of questions about his latest tease … and because we’re curious ourselves about what this 33% dividend yield is that […]

Keith Schaefer’s “Freak of Nature” Resource Play

Keith Schaefer has this week been teasing us with his favorite idea — a natural gas stock. And yes, we know that we’re supposed to hate natural gas stocks, since the “shale revolution” has clobbered the natural gas price and brought down quite a few natural gas companies … or at least brought down their […]

“This New International Shale Play Could Be the NEXT BAKKEN” (Schaefer’s Kerogen Tease)

“My top international junior pick has just updated their reserves and resources numbers. “Those numbers have nearly DOUBLED. “They’re drilling right now; production is growing. And I’m expecting a big jump in production by year-end. “But that’s not even the best part. “This good news is merely the precursor – a set-up – for their […]

“The #1 Junior Oil Stock Now In Play” (Keith Schaefer)

Keith Schaefer has been burning up the inbox with the pitch for his “#1 junior oil company in North America.” The tease — and yes, he’s teasing this one, which is what we call it when they hint around about a hot investment but won’t tell you the name or the ticker — is an […]

“The Single Most Profitable Company in the Oil Patch Today” Revealed

The latest teaser from Keith Schaefer for his Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin has spurred quite a bit of chatter among Gumshoe readers, including questions from Irregulars and some speculation about possible matches … … so I thought it was high time to put the Thinkolator to work sniffing out this water-related oil services stock. […]

“What Would the World Pay for 10% More Oil?”

Keith Schaefer launched his Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin a couple years ago, and he has quickly ramped up to the kind of teaser prominence that I’m sure a hundred other startup newsletter dudes would love — whether it’s because of the mailing lists he has access to or the hypetastic nature of his teasers […]