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What’s the $175 Trillion Opportunity from Dr. Kent Moors?

I wasn’t intending to write about this particular teaser pick that’s circulating from Dr. Kent Moors for his Energy Inner Circle … mostly because he doesn’t get deep enough into any clues or specifics to let us really focus on a particular company for you. But everyone’s asking, so I figure we should at least […]

Coober Pedy and the “$20 Trillion Opportunity”

This piece was originally published as part of the Friday File two weeks ago, and we’re re-sharing this excerpt with all of our free readers because the ad is driving so many questions our way. It has not been edited or updated, though to our knowledge neither has the original “interview” ad from mid February. […]

$20 Trillion of Oil in Coober Pedy?

Friday File look at a Kent Moors teaser about Australia's Arckaringa Basin ... and updates on a few faves

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“‘Unconventional’ Homerun Potential… for 75 Cents a Share” (Kent Moors)

The latest pitch from Dr. Kent Moors is for a new publication, a micro-cap energy stock trading newsletter and alert service called Micro Energy Trader. And though they say they’re restricting their subscriber list to 400 people (list price: $5,000 a pop — it’s “half off” right now), that’s more than enough to make some […]

Micro Energy Trader

Trading service from energy pundit Dr. Kent Moors, aims to speculate in teensy tiny energy companies (often well below $100 million market cap) for quick gains.

Make 12X Your Money as Oil goes to $200 by July First! (Kent Moors)

We haven’t covered a pick from Dr. Kent Moors for a while, the erstwhile Duquesne professor (actually, not erstwhile — he’s still there) has been a pretty active stock teaser over the last year as he tries to build up the subscription base for his Energy Advantage newsletter (along with a few other higher-priced trading […]

2011 Turkey of the Year

We have a charming little tradition here at Stock Gumshoe of picking out the stinkiest stock to have been teased over the past year, and calling it our “Turkey of the Year” come Thanksgiving time. It’s not particularly fair — certainly not to turkeys everywhere, and probably not to the newsletter folks who use breathless, […]

Friday File look at the “NUCA Oil Jackpot” tease

This article originally was restricted to the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars when published in October, but was opened up to public readership on December 2, 2011. The article was not revised, but author disclosure remains the same (I don’t own any of the stocks mentioned). We’re right at mid-month today, which would ordinarily be the time […]

“The Best Energy Stock You Can Buy” (Kent Moors) — plus a bonus (second best?) pick.

Hyperbole is the coin of the realm in teaserdom, of course, but even so — when you headline your emails with a phrase like “best you can buy,” your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe is going to take notice. And some of his favorite readers are, too, if my inbox is any indication. So it goes today […]

“The new energy boom that’s predicted to be 15,566% bigger than oil… and it could QUADRUPLE your money in the next 8 to 12 months… ” (Dr. Kent Moors)

Dr. Kent Moors, who teaches political science at Duquesne and is an expert consultant on oil and gas topics, launched a newsletter with one of the many hype-crazy Agora-related publishers last year (Money Map Press, if you’re keeping track, itself a spinoff of Oxford Club if I’m keeping the spaghetti strands in order). In fact, […]

Super Shift: Breakthrough Opens $40 Trillion Oil Prize in Monterey Shale (Kent Moors)

Most of you have probably seen the teasers rolling in from Dr. Kent Moors for The Energy Inner Circle, his new higher-priced and “more exclusive” service that provides weekly updates and buy and sell alerts about his “trigger list” of energy stocks. Most of you have just forwarded me the email ads, which is fine […]