“This New Fuel Will Kill Big Oil” (Dr. Kent Moors)

I was all ready to get in a few good-humored jabs at Dr. Kent Moors, because the stock he pitched so aggressively starting in mid-November as the “greatest leap of mankind” stock for “free energy” has been immolated… and I kept seeing the same ads for his Energy Advantage, continuing to tease the stock, all […]

“New Gas Molecule That Burns Hotter than the Sun” — Dr. Kent Moors says “there’s never been a moneymaking situation quite like this in the entire history of energy!”

I haven’t rushed in to cover this teaser pitch over the past few days, partly because I’ve already written about so many of the overhyped Money Map Press ads recently and partly because Gumshoe readers have already discussed it a little bit (and identified the stock) … … but a lot of you have been […]

Kent Moors and his Magical Sand Power (part two)

This ad has been simply unavoidable over the last couple days, and we covered the “headline” stock that Moors says has its tentacles in everay aspect of solar energy in yesterday’s piece… but the teaser pitch from Energy Advantage says there are two other stocks to be bought as well. What are they? Well, time […]

“The Greatest Leap of Mankind… Unlimited FREE Energy” (Dr. Kent Moors’ Picks Revealed)

This email pitch from Dr. Kent Moors for his Energy Advantage newsletter seems to have hit just about every inbox in North America. It has come in under a bunch of different subject lines, from “stunning breakthrough set to make OPEC obsolete” to “$5 stock make OPEC obsolete” to “Say ‘Goodbye’ to Your Electric Bill… […]

“This EXACT SAME Crisis Has Happened Twice in the History of Energy…” (Dr. Kent Moors)

This article is a repeat of a solution to a teaser pitch that Dr. Kent Moors has been marketing very aggressively for almost a year. Why? Because he and his publishers at Money Map are pushing it very heavily again, as they’ve done every few months, and we’re getting questions… and there have been some […]

“Zero Line Crisis” and “The Defense Contractor with the Graphene Breakthrough that Will Prevent a Nuclear War”

This article first ran on October 8, 2014. The ad is running heavily again as of early March, and remains more or less unchanged… the article below is unchanged as well. The stock teased has returned about 14% since the article first ran, roughly twice the gain of the S&P 500. Our headline today is […]

“Best Energy Stocks Under $1” from Kent Moors … and Some Updates

I’ve got a few thoughts on stocks I follow and on a portfolio move I made today to shave my risk profile a little bit, but first I thought I’d take a quick gander at the latest teaser pitch from Dr. Kent Moors. He’s pitching is Micro-Energy Trader, the small-cap portfolio he runs in an […]

“The Second Coming… Documented Miracle Happening in 32 States”

I’m going to keep this one very brief today … spent most of the day in a dentist’s chair, but I couldn’t resist this ad from Dr. Kent Moors pitching his Energy Advantage newsletter. So there’s a hint for you: If you want to get my attention, reference your investing idea as “the second coming.” […]

What’s the $175 Trillion Opportunity from Dr. Kent Moors?

I wasn’t intending to write about this particular teaser pick that’s circulating from Dr. Kent Moors for his Energy Inner Circle … mostly because he doesn’t get deep enough into any clues or specifics to let us really focus on a particular company for you. But everyone’s asking, so I figure we should at least […]

$20 Trillion of Oil in Coober Pedy?

The latest teaser ad for the Energy Inner Circle newsletter (edited by Dr. Kent Moors) is pitching the next great shale oil area — and it’s in Australia. The tease tells us that a tiny town called Coober Pedy, which is in an almost uninhabitable part of South Australia, is about to become an immense […]

“‘Unconventional’ Homerun Potential… for 75 Cents a Share” (Kent Moors)

The latest pitch from Dr. Kent Moors is for a new publication, a micro-cap energy stock trading newsletter and alert service called Micro Energy Trader. And though they say they’re restricting their subscriber list to 400 people (list price: $5,000 a pop — it’s “half off” right now), that’s more than enough to make some […]

Micro Energy Trader

Trading service from energy pundit Dr. Kent Moors, aims to speculate in teensy tiny energy companies (often well below $100 million market cap) for quick gains.

Make 12X Your Money as Oil goes to $200 by July First! (Kent Moors)

We haven’t covered a pick from Dr. Kent Moors for a while, the erstwhile Duquesne professor (actually, not erstwhile — he’s still there) has been a pretty active stock teaser over the last year as he tries to build up the subscription base for his Energy Advantage newsletter (along with a few other higher-priced trading […]

Friday File look at the “NUCA Oil Jackpot” tease

This article originally was restricted to the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars when published in October, but was opened up to public readership on December 2, 2011. The article was not revised, but author disclosure remains the same (I don’t own any of the stocks mentioned). We’re right at mid-month today, which would ordinarily be the time […]