“The ‘Box 8 Dividend’: How to Collect up to 36 ‘Supersized’ Income Checks This Year…” (Neil George)

I think the folks at Agora Financial staged a bit of an upgrade for their Lifetime Income Report last year when they brought on Neil George to manage it — not that he’s infallible, of course, or that the prior editor Jim Nelson was terrible (I don’t know his record) but George has been a […]

“Make Fannie-Mae ‘Fatcats’ and ‘Bailout’ Bureaucrats Put $17,500 Into Your Pocket This Year… “

Bitterness over the financial bailouts seems to have waned a bit, but there’s certainly a strong vein of anger to mine … and that’s exactly what copywriters are paid to do. This time, it’s in an ad for Jim Nelson’s Lifetime Income Report — and this is the investment idea he’s got for you: “This […]