“How YOU Can Legally ‘Tax-Back’ The U.S. Government”

April 15 is just 11 days away (actually, this year you’ve got until April 18 for your Federal returns — so you’ve got two whole weeks!) That means we’re in the home stretch for advertising copywriters, who only have a brief window remaining when they know you might be anxious about taxes or angry about […]

Are Americans really Legally Piggybacking “Canadian Social Security?”

This ad has driven a lot of questions to the Gumshoe doorstep — the pitch is from Zachary Scheidt for his Lifetime Income Report, and it implies that we can get extra “benefits” by “piggybacking” on the Social Security plan of Canada. Really? Well, no. Not in the way you’re thinking. But if you have […]

“The ‘Box 8 Dividend’: How to Collect up to 36 ‘Supersized’ Income Checks This Year…” (Neil George)

I think the folks at Agora Financial staged a bit of an upgrade for their Lifetime Income Report last year when they brought on Neil George to manage it — not that he’s infallible, of course, or that the prior editor Jim Nelson was terrible (I don’t know his record) but George has been a […]

“Make Fannie-Mae ‘Fatcats’ and ‘Bailout’ Bureaucrats Put $17,500 Into Your Pocket This Year… “

Bitterness over the financial bailouts seems to have waned a bit, but there’s certainly a strong vein of anger to mine … and that’s exactly what copywriters are paid to do. This time, it’s in an ad for Jim Nelson’s Lifetime Income Report — and this is the investment idea he’s got for you: “This […]