What’s “The Mysterious $400 Billion Cameron Parish Project?”

“The Dept. of Energy’s Mysterious $400 Billion ‘Cameron Parish Project’ “In a muddy Louisiana bayou town, the US government is quietly sponsoring a breakthrough experiment set to solve one of the greatest energy problems of our time… “But only a handful of companies have the green light to exploit it for huge gains… “INSIDE: How […]

“The find of a lifetime in Africa” (Energy Strategist)

I gave the Irregulars a quick preview of this one over the weekend, and a lot of folks have been asking about it, so I thought I ought to take a more detailed look. This is from an ad for the Energy Strategist newsletter, now run by Robert Rapier for Investing Daily, and, as always, […]

“My #1 LNG Tanker Stock to Buy Now” (Energy Strategist)

You’ve probably heard of LNG tankers — I’ve written about them a few times, and several stocks in the LNG shipping business have been teased over the last few years. Essentially, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a super-cooled form of natural gas that can be shipped via large ocean tankers, and the promise is that […]

“World Record Oil & Gas Discovery” Matt Badiali

There were any number of teasers I could have chosen to get back in the swing of things after vacation, but this one from Matt Badiali was forwarded to me more than any other over the last week or so, and it seemed a reasonable place to start. Like so many of the great teaser […]

“Thin Air” Product Could Make you $7 from 59 cents.

“You most probably use this every day… but you can’t see, smell or touch it … “To the naked eye, this product is no more than thin air – so it might surprise you to learn that you could make money from it… really good money… “You see, this “invisible” product could soon be Australia’s […]

Green Chip: “Clean Air Cash-Outs — $1.6 billion Clean Truck Superfund”

Here we have another newsletter from the folks who brought us Green Chip Stocks, which has been riding herd on the wave of environmentally friendly investors with a near-constant stream of new teaser ads. This latest ad, from Jeff Siegel for the new service, talks about “clean air cash-outs”, which as I read it are […]