What’s “The Mysterious $400 Billion Cameron Parish Project?”

“The Dept. of Energy’s Mysterious $400 Billion ‘Cameron Parish Project’ “In a muddy Louisiana bayou town, the US government is quietly sponsoring a breakthrough experiment set to solve one of the greatest energy problems of our time… “But only a handful of companies have the green light to exploit it for huge gains… “INSIDE: How […]

“The find of a lifetime in Africa” (Energy Strategist)

I gave the Irregulars a quick preview of this one over the weekend, and a lot of folks have been asking about it, so I thought I ought to take a more detailed look. This is from an ad for the Energy Strategist newsletter, now run by Robert Rapier for Investing Daily, and, as always, […]

“My #1 LNG Tanker Stock to Buy Now” (Energy Strategist)

You’ve probably heard of LNG tankers — I’ve written about them a few times, and several stocks in the LNG shipping business have been teased over the last few years. Essentially, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a super-cooled form of natural gas that can be shipped via large ocean tankers, and the promise is that […]