Lombardi’s Profit Taker

Short term stock trading newsletter

Investing with Michael

Conservative large-cap portfolio managed by Michael Lombardi

Lombardi’s Special Situations

Looks for “special situation” investments including things like mergers, spinoffs, etc.

What is Lombardi’s “New Swiss Bank Account” teaser all about?

Some people don’t realize that marketing for financial newsletters is at least as much about finding successful pitches that will catch your interest as it is about touting the latest and greatest stocks picked by a particular newsletter pundit. They often come up with a new ad to sell their newsletter when they’ve discovered an […]

Monster Profits

Weekly stock picking service.

Penny Stock Reporter

Small cap stock newsletter.

Biotech Breakthrough Stock Report

Biotech stock picking service.

Small-Cap Growth Stocks

Newsletter than presents at least one small-cap stock selection each month. It looks at minimally covered small-cap stocks that trade under $20.00 a share.