Wireless Electricity and the “Midas Supergroup”

“America’s Most Elite Investment Collective Just Netted 67,350% Gains… “And it’s about to do it again! “Thanks to a proprietary investment ranking tool, this group has its hands on a game-changing technology… “And it’s about to take early investors for another ridiculous profit ride “They’re called the Midas Supergroup… “And they DO NOT miss. “When […]

Quick Note for Irregulars: Latest “Fourth Quadrant” Company Reinvents Fire

The LATEST company to enter the 4th Quadrant… Fire. We still use it just like the first caveman did. There’ve been no significant advancements in fire in, well… forever! Hard to believe, isn’t it? With the inside scoop on recent testing, though, fire will never be the same. I really don’t want to write an […]

Should you “Lift Your Restrictions” for Super Penny Stocks?

I like little stocks. I like small caps, I like to dabble in microcap stocks from time to time, and it’s definitely more fun to sniffle around the edges of the market and research stocks you’ve never heard of before than it is to read yet another article about Apple (AAPL) or ExxonMobil (XOM). But […]

Louis Basenese, The Most Expensive Investing Book, and a couple Teased “Secret” Stocks

The folks at Wall Street Daily are very active in trying to build up their subscriber lists — and Louis Basenese, who writes the WSD Insider newsletter as well as the more small-cap focused MicroCap Tech Trader, has made a couple of hot picks over the last year or so that have gone up abruptly […]

Basenese’s “Secret” San Diego NFC Security Stock

OK, OK, the questions on this one are getting a bit overwhelming — and I’m afraid that if I don’t cover this one soon the villagers will soon be gathering their fiery torches and marching on Castle Gumshoe … so here goes. Louis Basenese and the folks at Wall Street Daily are pitching his MicroCap […]

The “Sound Laser” Discovery that will “Change the World”

This article was originally published as a Friday File for the Irregulars on August 2. The content below has not been updated or revised, but we can add that they have not yet made any of the substantial inroads in licensing that we’re looking for … and investor enthusiasm for the stock died down substantially […]

“FORBIDDEN! The Profit Exploding Investment Brokers Refuse to Tell You About”

Man oh man, nothing beats learning about a deep, dark secret that the fat cats won’t share with you — am I right? That is, at least, the idea behind the promos for WSD Insider that a few of you have been sending my way lately — they’re all about “Penny cap” stocks that will […]

“World’s Best Stock” — Code Name: Project Lightning

This article was originally published in the Friday File for Irregulars on July 6, it was opened up to all readers on October 11 but has not been edited, updated or otherwise changed. Today we’re taking a look at a new teaser that started running this week, with most folks apparently getting it yesterday or […]

MicroCap Tech Trader

Focuses on trading of tiny technology companies, looking for early investments in disruptive technologies (“gamechangers”). Print this

“Deception, Inc.” — profiting from the “World’s Largest Con Game”

Here’s the latest pitch from the White Cap Research folks … and yes, they did apparently find a 3-for-1 deal at their local hyperbole store: “Costlier than Madoff … More Scandalous Than Watergate … Harder to Detect Than Al Qaeda. “DECEPTION, INC. “Inside the World’s Greatest Con Game “Where governments and banks are mutual conspirators… […]

“The New Face of Touchscreens… under-the-radar American company”

Louis Basenese and the folks at White Cap Research are launching a new advisory service that looks for “game changers” in tiny stocks that they think will have hugely disruptive success — the newsletter is called MicroCap Tech Trader and will run you about a thousand bucks a year … but if that sounds a […]

“The most compelling, under-the-radar way to play what promises to be the biggest tech breakout of 2011″

Sometimes a tease comes in as a heavy promo push, sometimes it’s a slightly more subtle pile of hints in a free article that gently suggests that you subscribe to their premium service … today’s item for sleuthification is the latter. Louis Basenese, who is pitching for the White Cap Report, wrote a free article […]

“Starting On November 1, this ‘Can’t Lose’ Tech Stock Will Crash and Burn”

I always like to write about a bear case on a stock, or a put-buying or short-selling teaser, because they’re so rare — most people wouldn’t consider shorting stocks because of the different risk profile and the unfamiliar process, and many folks even think there’s something vaguely un-American about betting against a stock. And, of […]

WSD Insider

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