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Navellier’s “Three ‘Perma-Bulls’ to Buy Now”

Whenever you’re feeling blue about the market and don’t have the stomach for some Jim Cramer ranting, a nice substitute can be a trip over to Louis Navellier’s world, where there’s always a promise of extraordinary growth somewhere. Today Navellier, a quantitatively-minded growth stock investor (meaning, his system sifts stocks largely based on trends in […]

“Two Blockbuster Biotechs for Big 2014 Gains”

Yesterday I promised to follow up on Louis Navellier’s biotech picks — these are three stocks teased and hinted at in the latest promo for his Emerging Growth newsletter. The first one, covered yesterday, was a Chinese vaccine company called Sinovac (SVA) — no stranger to the world of Gumshoe, but not a favorite of […]

Navellier’s “Next Biotech Doubler”

Louis Navellier likely had a good year last year, since the kinds of stocks he typically likes did very well (generally growth stocks, those with rapid earnings growth that beat estimates and grow at increasing rates … and often look expensive, with high PEs) — and he’s out now with a new ad about biotech […]

What is “The Almost Perfect Stock?”

This piece originally ran on November 18, when Louis first started touting this as a must buy “Almost Perfect” stock. Turns out, it was a prescient call this time around and the stock shot up after they raised their guidance when earnings came out late last week. So what’s up now? I haven’t re-done my […]

What’s Navellier’s “$22 Biotech Stock to Hit $44?”

The latest hyperbole making the rounds is vintage Louis Navellier — he’s pitching a fast-growing biotech stock that he says has already netted his readers 392% gains … … but that you have to buy it before Friday because it’s going to double again! So what is it? Well, he shares plenty of clues with […]

Navellier’s “Obamacare” Care Package — Hospital Owner to Double?

“I’m glad to say that no matter how you feel about Obamacare, you can make money from one of my favorite little-known companies. “Look, I’ve studied this Obamacare law since it was first signed into effect. I’ve examined every angle on it I could. “And after months of painstaking research, turning it inside and out, […]

What are Navellier’s “Best ‘Buy and Forget’ Stocks for 2013″

We haven’t tried to sniff out a Louis Navellier pick for quite a while — partly because he hasn’t had a lot of single-stock teaser ads running lately, and partly because, well, they haven’t piqued our interest. But everyone loves the idea of “buy and forget” stocks — it can be fun to be a […]

“Here’s the $1 Internet Doubler” You Asked Louis Navellier For

I didn’t ask him, but apparently the folks who subscribe to Louis Navellier’s stuff have been requesting something cheap that can boom “in as little as the next 30 days” … so he’s responding with a low-priced stock pick for his (very not-low-priced) Quantum Growth newsletter. And, of course, he’s teasing the rest of us, […]

“The Almost Perfect Stock” (Blue Chip Growth)

This is not the first time a teaser stock idea has been pitched to us as “perfect” or “almost perfect,” of course, but using such definitive terms always catches my attention. (Yet another weakness of your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe, I can’t resist the pursuit of perfection.) And as he’s done several times before, this time […]

“Coming Soon: the Paper-Thin iPad … how you can profit now”

It seems a little petty now, with these miraculous little iPad doohickeys, to complain that they’re too heavy, or too thick — seriously? They’re thousands of times more powerful than the Mac that got me through college just fine. Though I will be attending my 20th reunion this summer, and I couldn’t watch TV or […]

“Sell These Five Names FAST … Buy These Stocks Instead”

Everyone loves a bit of “what you should do next year” advice at this time of the year — the magazines are full of it, the newspapers issue predictions, and all the newsletter folks swirl their tea leaves around and proclaim that it’s going to be “The Year of X!” No, not X as in […]

Navellier’s Stock that will Gain 407% from the “Christmas Internet Outage”

What is this “Christmas Internet Outage” that Louis Navellier is teasing us about? Well, the short answer is that so many folks will get online goodies from Santa that they’ll swamp the Internet. Which is sort of possible, I guess — like most holidays, Christmas web traffic as a general rule is down substantially from […]

CyberSecurity “Pearl Harbor” — “May be the Only Sure Thing on the NASDAQ”

Louis Navellier is never shy about making promises — here’s how his latest ad for his Blue Chip Growth newsletter opens: “Why a tiny office in suburban Israel is our best bet — for repelling the attack — and turning a $7,500 investment into $22,500 by May 2012. “I don’t make this prediction lightly… you […]

“How to Buy Apple for $12 a Share”

Louis Navellier is certainly not shy — he’s sent out several ads telling folks that the recent market turmoil is your opportunity to buy his favorite stocks (he’s a “growth” guy, so his faves are stocks with big revenue growth, earnings growth, momentum and upside surprises). I thought that might be a nice antidote — […]

Navellier Teases: “My Stock of the Next Decade”

My readers tend to have a love/hate relationship with Louis Navellier. He seems like a nice enough guy when I’ve heard him speak or briefly met him at conferences, but he’s also a numbers guy who recommends a long list of stocks in his newsletters and rides quantitative trends like earnings surprises and stock momentum […]

“Tonight’s Top Trade … I Guarantee We’ll Make You Eight Times Richer in 2011″ (Navellier)

Yes, let me begin today by again making it very clear: It ain’t my guarantee. When I put stuff in quotation marks, it means I’m borrowing the language from the letter or ad that I’m sleuthifying — I know that quotation marks are a fairly ordinary part of our language, but I still get lots […]