Halfway Through the Year … How are the Teasers Doing?

Now that we’re putting June to bed, I thought I’d take just a minute to check on the stocks we’ve revealed over the first half of 2013 and see what’s happening. As you probably know, we track the prices of each of the stocks we uncover from the hyped teaser promotions — almost all of […]

“The Niche Tech Dominator” and other “Top Stocks of 2013″ From Consensus Picks

Manny Backus and the folks at Wealthpire have been promoting a service they call Consensus Picks, which they say lets them zero in on the top picks of 800 top trading services and choose the best ones — those that are picked by several services and that they select as the best of that bunch. […]

Consensus Picks

Recommends Investments that they say are picks of multiple other newsletters a d trading services. Print this

“New York Biotech Stock To Soar 997% As Stem Cell Market Explodes In 2012″

We’ve seen folks ask about Manny Backus services before — he’s published a few different alert services and newsletters in the past, most of them focused, as far as I can tell, on short-term trading. We haven’t written about any of them before because he hasn’t actually teased anything very specific in terms of a […]