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Monthly newsletter focusing on income investments.

The “Web 3.0″ Stock teased by Marc Lichtenfeld

Another Monday morning, another “next wave of the internet” teaser. This teaser comes in from the Oxford Income Letter, edited by Marc Lichtenfeld over at the Oxford Club, and it’s a bit of a departure from the crazy small cap names he has more often touted of late (usually for his MicroCap Tech Trader newsletter). […]

“How to Get Rich From the Cures on Demand Windfall” With Marc Lichtenfeld’s “Biggest Blockbuster of 2013″

Every biotech-related teaser ad promises that you can make life-changing profits while also curing the world of a dread disease, of course — that’s why we love ‘em. But this one’s a little bit different — they are teasing a biotech company that is trying to develop new drugs, but according to the pitch this […]

“How to Play Genomics for Potential Triple-Bagger Gains”

Marc Lichtenfeld, who we’ve covered a number of times in this space, focuses largely on biotech investments — he’s teased a number of them for a variety of different newsletters that he has helmed or contributed to, but it looks like he’s now launching a new letter from the Oxford Club called FirstLine Investor Alert. […]

FirstLine Investor Alert

Biotech-focused newsletter from Lichtenfeld, who previously edited the similar-sounding Access Group letters for White Cap Research.

“Double Your Money on this Activist Stock” (Marc Lichtenfeld)

Last year Marc Lichtenfeld started promoting a new service in which he promised to identify “active shares” that effectively let you choose your own price — and although he had plenty of hype in that letter that sounded utterly foolish, as usual, he was at least partly right about the stock’s performance (he got the […]

“Gov’t Code SR-417 Mandates $139 Billion ‘Private Wealth Release’”

Today’s delightful tidbit of teasermania comes in from Marc Lichtenfeld, who tends to focus on biotech and health care stocks. He’s been around for a while, and is now drumming up members for the Oxford Club instead of one of his own biotech-focused letters, and pitching some ideas that sound like they’re a little larger […]

“New ‘Active Shares’ Let You Influence the Price of Your Stocks”

That headline came across my desk on a tease from Marc Lichtenfeld, who I’ve certainly covered in the past — but this time, he’s teasing a brand new advisory called The Activist Trader that apparently hasn’t even started publishing yet. So in case you’re tempted to become one of his guinea pigs, let’s look and […]

“The Next 8,539% Biotech Breakout … Beginning April 26″

Ah, a good old promise of biotech riches — I haven’t dug into one of these in ages, nothing beats the wild biotech stocks that can see their share price climb 200% (or fall 90%) on a single bit of news. This tease is from Marc Lichtenfeld, whose biotech stuff we’ve looked at several times […]

“The Greatest Little Stock Nobody’s Ever Heard Of” (Marc Lichtenfeld)

Now this is a nice promise: “If This Stock Doesn’t Double Between Now and June 25, I’ll Write You an Apology – Along With a Check for $1,250″ Of course, one assumes that this only applies to the folks who pony up that same $1,250 for a subscription to the Access Research Group newsletter (and, […]

“How to Collect $30,000 to $250,000 in ‘Unclaimed Inheritance Money’ “

That sounds pretty good, right? It’s everyone’s dream, a rich great-uncle that you never knew, and years later you find out that you were left a fortune in his will, and he’s been dead for years and a banker’s knocking at the door trying to give you a bag full of Krugerrands. Ah, those are […]

“Photon Beam Technology Kills Cancer in 16 Minutes”

This ad has been crashing in on Gumshoe beach in massive waves over the last week, so I thought it might be time to take a gander. It’s for the Xcelerated Profits report at Mt. Vernon Research — the last time I saw a similar ad it was from Karim Rahemtulla for this same report, […]

“Double your money … Guaranteed” Access Group

This is an ad that probably many of you have already seen, from Marc Lichtenfeld for his Access Group newsletter. And yes, like so many ads do, they’re guaranteeing that you’ll double your money if you invest in this idea. Which gives me a chance for a quick little digression before we dig into the […]

“Hunt Down Cancer Cells and Zap them Dead” Access Group

Today’s teaser ad is from Marc Lichtenfeld and his Access Group – they specialize in part on medical and biotech stocks, and the first two ads we’ve looked at them are in that area. The first one was for the “$4 Cancer Detection Device that could go to $196,” which you might remember turned out […]

Access Group: “$4.75 Cancer Detection Device co. could got to $196″

This one comes in from what looks to be a new newsletter service called “The Access Group” that will run you $2,750 a year. Phew. This is a service that they claim will enable individual investors to get access to the kind of research hedge fund companies used to pay these analysts $30,000 a year […]