“Sacramento’s ‘3-Minute’ Money Maneuver”

The Palm Beach Letter folks are out with a teased “special report” about how to collect more income in “three minutes” using some kind of secret California “maneuver” … … so naturally, Gumshoe readers are saying “huh?” And “why do they always use California when they make up these names?” And really, just “what are […]

Wealth Builder

Soon to be renamed Mark Ford’s Creating Wealth, focuses on building wealth in areas other than stocks and bonds.

“‘The Golden Cross’… Is It the Greatest Investment Secret Ever Played?” (Palm Beach Letter)

Note: This article was originally published as a Friday File for the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars on October 26. At that time I did not own shares personally, but I now do own shares and have an additional limit order in to buy more if the price drops. The ad has still been running recently, and […]

“Dividend Diluvia” and the “Fed Savings Account” Secret

I haven’t written much about the Palm Beach Letter, but Tom Dyson and Michael Masterson/Mark Ford have been given free reign to pitch their newsletter to most of the Agora and Stansberry mailing lists, it appears, so we sure see a lot of their ads. And lots of folks have been asking about this one, […]

Palm Beach Letter

Broad investing/”think rich” flagship letter from Mark Ford/Michael Masterson’s Agora-affiliated publishing company, started by Tom Dyson (formerly of Stansberry) and aimed at contrarian/alternative investments and income.