Crippled by a Lie, Profit Margins Exploding, and “Location, Location, Location”

More “Contrarian Bonanza” picks, you ask? Well of course! There are several new teaser ads stacking up in the Thinkolator’s inbox, but before we get to those … let’s close the book on the “contrarian bonanza” picks from the Weiss folks as they tease their Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio. There are three left of the seven […]

“Contrarian Bonanza … the company just raised its revenue targets by nearly 80%. Wall Street barely noticed.”

It’s a long list of teasers that tempts us into the Weiss fold, enticing us to subscribe to his real-money Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio. Tempted to subscribe? No, not the mighty Gumshoe! Tempted to sniff out the answers for free? You bet! The first teaser picks from this ad inspired a bit of debate (though, to […]

Another “Contrarian Bonanza” — “world-beating stock that has recently been unfairly taken to the cleaners”

I said I’d keep digging into the picks from Martin Weiss and Tom Essaye as they teased ‘em for their Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio service, so let’s sniff around and see where the clues send us. The first unveiling of one of these picks, if you missed it, also included the basic background on the MDCP […]

Top “Contrarian Bonanza” Picks from the Million Dollar Contrarian Portfolio

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about a Martin Weiss teaser — he publishes a number of letters at Weiss Research, and this is is “contrarian portfolio” letter that follows along as an analyst (Tom Essaye in this case) invests Weiss’ own million dollars. They haven’t been teasing many specific picks for this […]

“The Astonishing Secret of Mexico’s Long-Lost Silver Treasure Maps”

Untold millions of readers (OK, not millions — in the tradition of the folks we write about every day, we’ll use quotes that enable us to make stuff up … so, untold “millions”) have been asking us about the “long-lost” treasure maps that are chatted up in Sean Broderick’s latest teaser for his Red-Hot Global […]

“Huge Profit Opportunities in Gold”

Today I’m looking at a gold stock teaser that’s a few days old – but don’t worry, none of the stocks teased have so far entered the stratosphere, despite the fact that yesterday was supposedly the day by which we “must get on board now.” The teaser is for Monty Agarwal’s Million-Dollar Rapid Growth Portfolio, […]

“Quadruple-play Gold Stock for 2010″

I haven’t written about Martin Weiss and one of his picks in a little while, and Weiss Research is now promoting a special conference call and “inner circle” investment group that will identify his team’s best picks for 2010. Including, as apparently one of his favorites, a gold stock. Here’s the intro to the ad: […]

Inverse ETF Riches for 2008-2009

This is just a quick note to let you know about part of what Martin Weiss is trying to sell you as part of a subscription to his Safe Money Report (now there’s a loaded name for a newsletter, eh?). He’s offering all kinds of stuff that’s designed to appeal to people who are terrified […]

“Bonds finally ready to crack” Safe Money Report

A reader recently sent me a note about a teaser recommendation from Martin Weiss and the Money and Markets folks regarding bets against long term bonds. This wasn’t really a complicated teaser, so this will just be a short note …

Martin Weiss: Like Buying China in 1990

OK, so I’m departing from my typical sleuthing ways on this one a little bit. I spent a little time at an investing conference a few days ago, and many of the newsletter folks that you’ve all heard of were there, making their spiels or just lecturing. One of them that I happened to hear […]