Which Tiny .70 Company Found the “Supernova Gold” Mother Lode?

Those who’ve been with the Gumshoe for a while know that it’s tough to top Stansberry’s Phase 1 Investor for marketing that uses over-the-top hyperbole about tiny biotech and mining stocks, and creative names that obscure the truth behind their investments — that doesn’t seem to have changed much with the new(ish) guy at the […]

“Revolutionary Mining Company with 1,000%+ Potential Returns”

An attentive reader recently forwarded an email teaser ad to me for a newsletter called The Dollar Vigilante, not one I’d heard of before — but it is edited by Ed Bugos, whose name might ring a bell if you frequent gold and mining websites, and the teaser language rang a little bell deep in […]

“The Next Royal Gold” Revealed

I was going to hold off on writing about this teaser until Friday and cover it just for the Irregulars in the Friday File because it’s a tiny stock and I’ll very likely be influencing the price by writing about it for this larger group today — but I’ve gotten so many questions in just […]

“Huge Profit Opportunities in Gold”

Today I’m looking at a gold stock teaser that’s a few days old – but don’t worry, none of the stocks teased have so far entered the stratosphere, despite the fact that yesterday was supposedly the day by which we “must get on board now.” The teaser is for Monty Agarwal’s Million-Dollar Rapid Growth Portfolio, […]

“How to Grow Very Rich From the Return of 1970s-Style Inflation” Stephen Leeb

Today’s wee tease is from a guy who is most known as a commodity and oil super-bull in recent years — and his picks today follow that theme quite nicely. Leeb’s top pick in the annals of Gumshoedom is actually unrelated to gold, oil or other commodities — his top pick on our tracking spreadsheets […]

“The Best Commodity Penny Stock to Own Right Now”

“This tiny company holds the key to the U.S. supply of a strategic metal… and it just got final clearance to break ground on one of the biggest moneymaking mines the U.S. seen in decades. “And it’s not even a blip on Wall Street’s radar… YET. “How a looming supply shortage could launch this penny […]

Tiny co. Pays $3 million for $2.9 BILLION in gold …

That’s the promise of the latest teaser ad from the Penny Mining Speculator, Chuck de Castro’s pricey newsletter ($5,200 a year) that shoots for the moon using little mining companies with great potential. We’ve looked at de Castro’s stuff a few times before — he turned us on to a tiny oil stock that did […]

“Alaska’s Secret Gold Mine: Biggest Gold Discovery of last 20 years”

So … if you’re breathing, and you can read, and you’ve ever subscribed to any investment service or resource of any kind, you’ve probably seen this ad. My readers have wildly varying opinions of Stansberry & Associates and their newsletters, but one thing is certain: They know how to get the word out. And the […]

“Must Own Pioneer of a New Industry: Undersea Mining”

This company always seems like a science fiction story when I read about them, but you never know … just because we’re not all wearing jetpacks doesn’t mean science fiction can’t come true. For those of you who aren’t already expert in undersea mining companies, let’s take a moment to examine what this is … […]

“Chaffee Royalty Program: Mining Profits without the costs”

[note: this older piece is from 2008, The "Chaffee Royalty" is being teased again in 2013 but it's pointed at different stocks, you can see our updated take on the new version of the ad here.] The people of Gumshoedom have spoken, and they have said, “what is this Chaffee Royalty thing?” This is one […]

“Putin’s Resource Roulette” — part II, nickel …

Well, time to finish up writing about that looooong teaser ad from Andrew Mickey’s Breakaway Investor that I started over the weekend. Yesterday we spent some time looking at his LNG play, which has very tenuous connections to Russia, but apparently these next few are all about our friends in the former Soviet empire. This […]

McCoach: “A Penny Stock Safe Enough for your Portfolio”

This is a recent teaser from Greg McCoach, who writes the Mining Speculator for Angel publishing and also has a new service that tracks his personal portfolio. We looked at the first stock he teased from the eight he chose for his initial personal portfolio, but now he’s teasing another one … let’s check it […]

“Albania’s Forgotten Commodity Treasure”

AlbaniaAlbaniaYou border on the AdriaticYour land is mostly mountainousAnd your chief export is chrome OK, so for those who are not old Cheers fans, I just had to include that little snippet for you … one of my favorites. Feeling very old now. But how often does one have the opportunity to write about Albania? […]

“High Yield: Trader’s Dream Stock Set to Soar Again”

This one comes in from Mark Skousen, who we hear teasing new ideas with some regularity, but this particular ad is for his high-income alert, which I haven’t seem an ad for prior to now. I have heard him talking quite a bit about dividends of late, whenever he gives a talk or is quoted […]

“Mystery Island: 9000 Miles Off the Coast of Florida”

That’s the mysterious tagline of a recent email I got from the S&A Gold Report from Matt Badiali. He’s teasing us with the name of his favorite commodity penny stock, all we have to do is start a subscription for $99 … … or, read on, and listen to your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe for free. […]

“Lake Superior Secret, Canadian Style”

Well, after a week’s hiatus the Gumshoe needs a little kick start to get going … so here we have a teaser that was not only solved by a reader, but confirmed by the company itself with a posting of the recommendation on their website. Handy. This one is from the Mining Speculator by Greg […]

“China’s Can’t-lose Metal Monopoly”

This one was sent in by a reader, along with a suggestion for the solution (which, as so often with the Gumshoe’s readers, appears to be correct). It’s from Mark Skousen in the form of an ad for Forecasts and Strategies, and, as you have guessed from the title of this note, it’s about a […]

“70 Cent MIning Company Exposes Chinese Monopoly”

[I've left this one here for full disclosure so that you can see I made a mistake when I wrote up this post earlier today -- the company teased is not the one I reveal at the bottom. If it's any consolation, I think this is the first time I've posted one of these that […]

“Lake Superior’s $2.6 Trillion Secret “

This one comes from the Mining Speculator, a newsletter by Greg McCoach that mostly focuses on OTC and Canadian Junior mining stocks. I’ve never subscribed, and I must say I’ve never heard of most of the companies he cites as his huge successes — I just don’t know all that much about the mining sector. […]