What are the “Three Best Secret Perpetual Retirement Income Plans?”

Mitchell Clark edits Passive Monthly Income for Lombardi, and an ad of theirs this week promises great gains from “PRIP” investments… … so, naturally, we want to know what those are. Right? I don’t know if we want to subscribe to Passive Monthly Income or not, that’s one of dozens of newsletters published by Lombardi, […]

“Master Plan for America’s Recovery on page 638 of the Holy Bible?” (Mitchell Clark)

I should probably confess, before I get into today’s teaser sleuthification, that I don’t like organized religion. Disorganized religions are fine, because they don’t get together and try to figure out how to enroll other people (like me) in their belief system, or grow so big that they lose sight of their beliefs entirely, but […]

America’s Redemption

Subscription service launched by Lombardi sometime in 2014? Unclear — seems to be focused entirely on the shale energy revolution.

“Potash Riches: Why a 1,295% Gain Is Ahead for this Company’s Stock” (Mitchell Clark)

That’s a grabby headline, right? Gives me a chance to remind you that no, I’m not touting these stocks or pitching these ideas — I’m just sharing the answers to the compelling teaser pitches that are sent our way by the newsletter marketers. So no, I don’t necessarily think a 1,295% gain is ahead. But […]

“This Tiny Gold Stock Is Such a Bargain… the Company Is Spending $20 Million to Buy Its Own Stock!”

The latest pitch from Mitchell Clark comes in for the Explosive Mine Stocks newsletter from Lombardi — and I don’t know where the dude finds the time. Clark is apparently now responsible for four or five newsletters at Lombardi, when I’ve written about him in the past he’s tended to focus on small cap stocks […]

“Retire on this one hot stock… American company making China’s dirty water problems vanish”

OK, fine, we borrowed that headline from a teaser ad and we can categorically state up front that you will not be able to retire on just this “one hot stock.” But that doesn’t mean it mightn’t be a useful part of your portfolio — so let’s try to separate the stock from the hype […]

“Top Pick of the Year: Tiny $2 Canadian Stock Could Make You a Million …” (Lombardi)

Our latest ad rolls in on a tide of resource riches lust — it’s for the new natural resources-focused newsletter from Lombardi called Resource Stock Millionaire … which sounds a lot like their older letter, Explosive Mine Stocks, though this one will be edited by Mitchell Clark (who we’ve written about before, mostly when he’s […]

“Your Next Triple … the $10 Stock Bringing Electricity to 30 Million Chinese”

Today’s exercise in hyperbole comes from the folks at Lombardi Publishing — they’re trying to get you to subscribe to their VIP Fast Track newsletter, which I’ve never heard of before (each of their editors seems to have almost a half-dozen newsletters, perhaps they’re just throwing them out to see what will stick … like […]