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“Boost Dividends with ‘Drop Down’ Assets” from “your New ‘Rich Uncle’”

CORRECTED — I originally published this article with the wrong solution, due to, well, simple idiocy as I wrote the wrong ticker down and didn’t backtrack to check myself. Many apologies if I confused anyone, the revised article follows: Sheesh, just using the phrase “rich uncle” is probably enough to get my message to you […]

“This CEO takes just a $1.00 annual salary and flies coach… So His Shareholders Can Live the Millionaire Lifestyle”

That’s what we all want to see, right? A skinflint CEO who skimps on perks and saves money for shareholders, and who pays out cash to those shareholders (well, that’s what we want to see if we don’t work for him, at least). And that’s what Roger Conrad is teasing today for his MLP Profits […]

Huge MLP Profits from the “Greek Goddess building a global shipping empire?”

Once again today we take a gander at an MLP teaser — this time for the aptly named MLP Profits newsletter ($399, just FYI), with the ad coming in over the signature of Roger Conrad, one of the letter’s editors (Elliott Gue is the other). And the promise is lusty, as always: “You may need […]

Supercharge Your Wealth and Pay (Nearly) No Taxes!

That headline comes from an ad for a new income-focused newsletter that is just launching now … Roger Conrad and Elliott Gue are starting a service that sounds quite familiar — they’re calling it MLP Profits, and it will be focusing, you guessed it, on Master Limited Partnerships. The publisher, KCI, tried to launch something […]