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What’s the $175 Trillion Opportunity from Dr. Kent Moors?

I wasn’t intending to write about this particular teaser pick that’s circulating from Dr. Kent Moors for his Energy Inner Circle … mostly because he doesn’t get deep enough into any clues or specifics to let us really focus on a particular company for you. But everyone’s asking, so I figure we should at least […]

Capital Wave Forecast

Trading newsletter that recommends a variety of trades based on big picture “capital waves” and investing trends in the global economy.

“Help Destroy China’s ‘Internet Army’”

“Yesterday, I sent you an urgent briefing regarding China’s dangerous “Internet Army.” This situation is already moving fast. “The small tech company critical to crushing China’s attacks just won another contract for an undisclosed “data center”… its third multimillion-dollar contract in less than a month. “This is quickly turning into exactly the kind of win-win […]

$20 Trillion of Oil in Coober Pedy?

Friday File look at a Kent Moors teaser about Australia's Arckaringa Basin ... and updates on a few faves

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“‘Unconventional’ Homerun Potential… for 75 Cents a Share” (Kent Moors)

The latest pitch from Dr. Kent Moors is for a new publication, a micro-cap energy stock trading newsletter and alert service called Micro Energy Trader. And though they say they’re restricting their subscriber list to 400 people (list price: $5,000 a pop — it’s “half off” right now), that’s more than enough to make some […]

Micro Energy Trader

Trading service from energy pundit Dr. Kent Moors, aims to speculate in teensy tiny energy companies (often well below $100 million market cap) for quick gains.

“One tiny drug company … we think is the ‘surest thing’ we’ve ever found…” (Money Map Passport Club Teaser)

“Why I’m Ready to Place a $2,450 “Bet” on Your Behalf… “Given what we’ve learned about one tiny drug company – and the documented 82% success rate within the category of drug it’s developed – we think this is the “surest thing” we’ve ever found… “How this ‘wager’ could make you thousands of dollars (or […]