What’s the “Drug Royalty Program” that Sid Riggs says “Averages 180% Per Year?”

This percolated up to the “most asked about” teaser pitch over the weekend, and it’s easy to see why — everyone loves royalties (or as the newsletters like to call it, “getting money for free without doing any hard work”), and Sid Riggs is saying that “you can get super rich in a matter of […]

Two new Liquid Biopsy teases: “Free Shares” and “End the 8 Deadliest Diseases”

Today we’ve got a two-fer — two different big publishers are teasing different “liquid biopsy” stocks, and I’m no expert on the technology or the prospects for this diagnostic “trend” that we’ve been hearing more about… so I’ll just sift the clues, identify the companies, and let you chatter about their merits amongst yourselves. The […]

“New Gas Molecule That Burns Hotter than the Sun” — Dr. Kent Moors says “there’s never been a moneymaking situation quite like this in the entire history of energy!”

I haven’t rushed in to cover this teaser pitch over the past few days, partly because I’ve already written about so many of the overhyped Money Map Press ads recently and partly because Gumshoe readers have already discussed it a little bit (and identified the stock) … … but a lot of you have been […]

“Silent Epidemic Ravages Boomers!”

Golly, most people who might subscribe to investment newsletters are baby boomers. And most of that generation is just a few years past their midlife crisis… so you can be pretty sure that a “silent epidemic” will get them to read your ad, yes? Apparently so, if the questions rolling in to Gumshoe HQ over […]

Revealed: “How to Lock In 201% on TV’s Latest Commercial Phenom” (Bill Patalon’s Private Briefing)

I haven’t looked at a teaser pitch from Private Briefing for a while, that’s the “pay as you go” monthly newsletter from Bill Patalon at Money Map Press — in the interim, the it looks like the price has just about tripled to $19.99 a month (that’s $239.88 a year for those who are math […]

Will Keith Fitz-Gerald’s “X-Pattern” Drive this Stock Up?

“I’m going to make a $1.95 million bet. “You see, over the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a simple pattern I believe will allow you to achieve two incredible feats… “You could capture a series of 164.68% windfalls, and… “You will, with 100% certainty, only buy stocks that are going up. “At […]

“Zero Line Crisis” and “The Defense Contractor with the Graphene Breakthrough that Will Prevent a Nuclear War”

This article first ran on October 8, 2014. The ad is running heavily again as of early March, and remains more or less unchanged… the article below is unchanged as well. The stock teased has returned about 14% since the article first ran, roughly twice the gain of the S&P 500. Our headline today is […]

“Slingshot Trades” and some updates for the Friday File

I haven’t looked at the Capital Wave Forecast stuff from Shah Gilani in quite a while, so the latest teaser pitch from him and the Money Map folks caught my eye — particularly because he’s touting big moves in specific large-cap “blue chip” type stocks, which is pretty rare in newsletterdom (it’s a lot easier […]

“Rare Move by FDA to Ignite Tiny $4 Stock” with a “35-to-1 Bang”

Heads up: I made a mistake on this one when it first went up on the site. We strive for at least a 99% accuracy rate in identifying teaser targets, and this is apparently my mistake for 2014. Thanks to several readers for alerting me to the fact that I moved too quickly in posting […]

“One Company Poised to Dominate the Wearable Tech Ecosystem”

Michael Robinson has been a big booster of tech ideas for his Nova-X Report, and lately he’s trying to sell his newsletter by using a special report that he says will reveal “The Wearable Tech Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime.” So naturally, Gumshoe readers want to know who it is. The spiel starts off with […]

June 7 “Urgent Profit Alert” from “Most Profitable Calendar”

I know a great many of the Irregulars have been interested in FDA dates recently, partly thanks to the community of biotech enthusiasts who have coalesced around the musings of our own Dr. KSS, so I thought I’d spin out a quick answer to you for a teaser pitch that’s been sent out quite breathlessly […]

Nova-X Report

Monthly newsletter that aims to pick stocks to benefit from big technology trends. Michael Robinson also edits the more expensive Radical Technology Profits for the same publisher.

Biotech Insider Alert

Newsletter/trading service that aims to track important trading catalyst dates for biotech stocks, including FDA approvals and submissions and clinical trial data releases. Formerly called BioScience Millionaire.

What’s the $175 Trillion Opportunity from Dr. Kent Moors?

I wasn’t intending to write about this particular teaser pick that’s circulating from Dr. Kent Moors for his Energy Inner Circle … mostly because he doesn’t get deep enough into any clues or specifics to let us really focus on a particular company for you. But everyone’s asking, so I figure we should at least […]

Capital Wave Forecast

Trading newsletter that recommends a variety of trades based on big picture “capital waves” and investing trends in the global economy.