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“One of the best biotech companies that I’ve ever looked at…” Plus some updates for the Friday File

I’ve got a big ol’ pile of updates and thoughts about a dozen or so companies to get to, but we’re going to start with a teaser solution today. Paul Mampilly of Agora Financial’s FDA Trader apparently sent around a teaser note to his own subscribers (I say “apparently” because I’ve only seen the cut-and-paste […]

Naga Interview

Just wanted to note a rare publicity moment for Nagacorp — results have been good as they continue to draw in regional gamblers to Cambodia. Their Chair got an interview on one of CNBC’s Asia shows here, long enough to give a good introduction to the company and update on their strategy and plans. Still […]

Gaga over Naga

You may have noticed, but since news about Hong Kong-listed stocks doesn’t often trickle to the top of the Yahoo Finance feed I thought I’d post it here to make sure: Shares of Nagacorp, which was an “Idea of the Month” pick a long time ago and which has performed extremely well over the past […]


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