“One of the Hidden Internet Pioneers of 2011″

Last week I started taking a look at a Nancy Zambell teaser for her Buried Treasure Under $10 newsletter, and I’ve had quite a few folks chime in that they’d like to hear about her second stock as well … so here goes: Zambell’s pitch is that she finds unknown, undervalued stocks at low prices […]

“Unknown Blockbuster Getting Ready to Double” (Zambell)

It’s been a little while since I wrote about a Nancy Zambell teaser — she writes the Buried Treasures Under $10 newsletter, and in the short history of that letter she’s apparently had pretty good performance … and, one expects, makes it sound even better than it was (the letter launched two years ago, almost […]

“Buried Treasure” Six-Pack Stock

Well, yesterday I wrote quite a bit about tobacco — so today, though my time is a bit short (getting the kiddos prepped for school is shortening the work week a bit), I thought I’d look into a sin stock sector that I like a lot more: alcohol. And the one that tickled my taste […]

A Handful of Buried Treasures from Nancy Zambell

Sometimes the teases that catch the eye of your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe are long, detail-filled, and exhausting … and sometimes, they’re like little frustrating snacks, just enough of a hint that the Thinkolator might track it down, but often requiring a bit of a sleuthing slog. Today we’re looking at a small smorgasbord of […]

“The Next Small-Cap Blockbuster” (Nancy Zambell)

Today the world’s thoughts are turning to gold … but just to be contrarian, I thought we’d look at something a little different. OK, a lot different. This is a teaser from Nancy Zambell for her Buried Treasure Under $10 newsletter, which I wrote about several times last year but hasn’t been quite as high […]

“Little-Known $4 Greek Shipper to Double Your Money” Nancy Zambell

Nancy Zambell, who edits the Buried Treasure Under $10 newsletter, is now teasing us that she’s found one of the “early winners of the great recovery” — that Greek shipper that can “Double your money — but you must act fast!” And of course, you simply must subscribe to her newsletter. The newsletter’s very new […]

2009′s Turkey of the Year — Hot, Hot, Hot!

I have instituted a little tradition here at Stock Gumshoe, each Thanksgiving I like to pick out my favorite “Turkey of the Year” … the teaser stock pick that promised millions, but fizzled despite the best attempts of newsletter writers to promote the stock to new subscribers. And if you’ve been around this space for […]

Buy This China Battery Stock, $5 going to $15 — Nancy Zambell

This article was originally published on the members-only Stock Gumshoe Irregulars site on October 2, it has not been updated but Nancy Zambell is still using the same ad, most recently with a different artificial deadline of October 9. One of the things that almost always works for newsletter ad copywriters is the deadline — […]

“The Absolutely Guaranteed, Locked-In Profit Opportunity of the Century”

I might also call this article, “enough with the gold and commodities teasers already!” I love gold and oil as much as the next guy (well, unless that next guy is Jim Rogers or T. Boone Pickens), but sometimes you just want to look at a “normal” business. So today, the lucky number we pull […]

“A Fast Double in the Anti-Bank” Nancy Zambell

Nancy Zambell has managed to build up a big marketing push for hew newsletter as quickly as anyone I’ve seen since Jeff Clark at Stansberry & Associates — I guess, if you’ve got a “hook” for your letter and can make the sale, the publishers are still willing to pour a lot of money into […]

Follow Buffett’s Lead: The Next Wal-Mart

OK, so let me just warn you up front: The latest ad from Nancy Zambell for her new Buried Treasure under $10 newsletter has a lot of, well, hooey in it. But really, doesn’t that just make it more fun? Here’s how the hype begins: “Buffett has sunk $2 billion into the next Wal-Mart Here’s […]

“A Triple in Steam” Megashift Profits

InvestorPlace is certainly helping Nancy Zambell push the marketing message pretty hard for her new Buried Treasure Under $10 newsletter — who knows, if they keep this up we might be hearing as much from Nancy as we do from fellow InvestorPlace newsletter editors Louis Navellier, Robert Hsu and Tobin Smith. More power to her […]

Stimulus: “In the Path of Washington’s Billions”

“Tiny Carolina Water Main Company Gets D.C. Check for $18,000,000,000” “Listen up and listen good. “There’s been so much yakking about the Stimulus it makes my poor head hurt. Why oh why doesn’t somebody just figure out how we can make some real money out of the damn thing?” That’s how we start the new […]