“Alzheimer’s ‘Miracle Cure’ Discovered — Your Key to an Untapped $189 Billion Market”

This is all hush-hush, you understand — I’m taking terrible risks by just writing to you today. And my intrepid readers, members of the resistance, have also pushed the limits in sharing this news. The ad makes this very clear — it came with the subject line, “WARNING! Do Not Share, Do Not Forward” But […]

Louis Navellier’s Guarantee to “Make You 10 TIMES Richer”

Whenever you’re feeling down in the dumps about some stocks, or fretting about the future of the economy … just read a promo ad from Louis Navellier. His love of fast-moving stocks is infectious, and it brings with it a simplicity that appeals to most of us: just buy the stocks that are going up […]

“Grab Your Share of Al Gore’s $100 Million … Buy this Politically Correct Doubler”

Here we are again — another promise of a “doubler” from Louis Navellier, who apparently has never seen an earnings beater he didn’t want to buy. This time, though, his copywriters have a bit of an odd pitch on this one — they’re using Al Gore, who among the investing punditry class is often cast […]

Navellier and Mechel — Cautionary Tale

Greetings from the road, everyone — my time is limited today so I’m sharing a very interesting comment that a reader sent in … we’ll call him Carlo. Carlo looked into Louis Navellier’s recent history with the formerly highflying Russian steel (and coal) stock, Mechel (MTL). This was also a Robert Hsu pick for a […]