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“Dividend Superstars: Part 2 … Shipping and Secret Investments”

This is the continuation I promised on the “Dividend Superstars” teaser from Weiss Research — we looked first at the rural telecom company with the 10%+ yield, and now we’re moving on to a secret investment company and a shipping company, both with yields over 15%. If you’d like to hear my introductory blathering and […]

“Dividend Superstars: High Yield Rural Phone Company” Weiss Research

It’s so sad when the markets drift lower and everyone’s paranoid — the promises dry up. I miss the days of the promised 1,500% gains from tiny oil explorers and mining microcaps, and the promised 900% gains from the next tech superstar … how’s a Gumshoe supposed to get excited about a 15-20% annual return? […]