“Biotech Scientists Discover ‘Magic’ Keys to Immortality” (“Dr. Allen’s … RNA Interference Revolution: Your Ticket to Centuries of Health and Wealth”)

[Ed note: This article was originally published in June, 2013 when the shares of the stock teased, Alnylam (ALNY) were around $30 and the Oxford Club was saying that the first person to live to 1,000 is already alive … now they’re touting it as the holder of the “Magic” Keys to Immortality, but the […]

Revealed: “In the Race to Graphene Domination, Here’s The Company That’s Going to Win” (Oxford Club)

I couldn’t resist pulling this one out of the bin in the basement — the teaser ad came across my screen several times this week, which probably means that the Oxford Club folks are mailing it pretty heavily again…. and the ad they’re sending out is pretty much exactly, as far as I’ve been able […]

“Real Gasoline Without Oil” for 90% Returns?

This article originally appeared on July 17, 2014 around the time the teaser pitch from the Oxford Club folks started circulating. The ad is circulating heavily again and we’re getting a lot of questions about it, so we re-post it here for your information… the ad seems unchanged since we first saw it, and the […]

Alex Green’s “Next Golden Cross” to hit August 29?

Alexander Green has a new “special report” out to lure subscribers to a letter I haven’t seen before called The True Value Alert — Green has been the head honcho at The Oxford Club for a long time and has put out a bunch of interesting ideas (and has some refreshingly stable and non-hypey stuff […]

What’s Fessler’s “Barrel of Oil Six Times Cheaper Than Water?”

David Fessler hasn’t gotten much coverage in the pages of Gumshoe for quite a while, so when he started teasing about a company that he thinks will have gains of more than 100% by year-end… and that he thinks can produce oil for 28 cents a gallon using “Futuristic Technology … it seemed tailor made […]

The “Web 3.0″ Stock teased by Marc Lichtenfeld

Another Monday morning, another “next wave of the internet” teaser. This teaser comes in from the Oxford Income Letter, edited by Marc Lichtenfeld over at the Oxford Club, and it’s a bit of a departure from the crazy small cap names he has more often touted of late (usually for his MicroCap Tech Trader newsletter). […]

NuCable: “Company That’s About to Kill Cable Television”

“Ford Killed the Horse & Buggy. “Microsoft Killed the Typewriter. “Apple Killed the Compact Disc. “Now Introducing… The Company That’s About to Kill Cable Television.” That’s the intro to the latest ad from the Oxford Club… which thinks this secret company “NuCable” will be able to revolutionize the cable TV business and make all of […]

“The Goldstone Strike … The Safest Mining Stock in the ENTIRE Market”

Sean Brodrick is hawking not a subscription this time, but a one-time publication he calls The Goldstone Strike Report. In this report, he claims to have the “greatest gold arbitrage play of the century” … a company that has benefitted by the fact that “The world’s richest country is practically giving away its gold at […]

“This small niche player has a ‘first mover’ advantage on the complete cure for a disease that’s deadlier than cancer”

I haven’t been doing a lot with my personal portfolio over the past month — sometimes, even when the market makes you feel twitchy, I do manage to stick to the adage that has most often provided good guidance to my finances over the years: “Don’t just do something, sit there!” Sure, there are plenty […]

Does Barack Obama Care if You Know This Company’s Name?

Um, no. That’s just stupid. But it is the subject line of the latest teaser pitch from the Oxford Club for their membership and their Communique newsletter — the subject reads, “The One Stock Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About.” Why? Well, it’s not even really implied in the ad message that follows — […]

What’s Oxford’s “Junk Metal” That Can Produce All the Energy You’ll Ever Need?

The Oxford Club is looking at the promise of a new material and technology again — last time around, a few weeks ago, it was genetic material and the power of RNAi to extend human life … this time, it’s thorium and the power of that material to make nuclear power generation safe and fuel […]

“The Death of Batteries” to “Hand Early Investors Life-Changing Gains?”

If you can harness the frustration of the thousands of people whose cell phone batteries die at an inopportune time, or those whose children run through dozens of AA batteries in a weekend with their electronic toys, you might just change the world. Or at least, get a lot attention for your latest stock newsletter […]

Are Americans Really Now Collecting From a “Reverse Income Tax Fund?”

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of snooping around in Ian Wyatt’s teaser for a “Real Estate Tax Rebate,” so when I saw this latest Oxford Club pitch for a “Reverse Income Tax Fund” that you could invest in, well, it seemed only fair to give it a gander. So what’s the story? […]

“How to Get Rich From the Cures on Demand Windfall” With Marc Lichtenfeld’s “Biggest Blockbuster of 2013″

Every biotech-related teaser ad promises that you can make life-changing profits while also curing the world of a dread disease, of course — that’s why we love ’em. But this one’s a little bit different — they are teasing a biotech company that is trying to develop new drugs, but according to the pitch this […]

“It’s the Most Profitable Energy Company in the World… And You’ve Never Heard of It”

OK, there’s two statements that really caught the eye of Gumshoe readers in this latest teaser pitch from the Oxford Club — first, that they say it’s the “most profitable energy company in the world” … and second, that they say it will triple by the end of the year thanks to a “shocking announcement.” […]

“Building the Perfect Shadow War Defense Shield” (Oxford Club)

For our edutainment today we’re sniffing out the solution to the latest teaser ad from the Oxford Club — Steve McDonald, one of their analysts, spins a long story about cybersecurity that reminds us of several other past ditigal security teasers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — this is, by all accounts, one […]