Palm Beach Letter

Broad investing letter from Michael Masterson, aimed at contrarian/alternative investments and income.

“The Federal Reserve’s 94-Year ‘Override’ Income Secret—Exposed”

Apparently the world has royalties on the brain this week … or at least, the part of the world that lives in Florida and has worked for Porter Stansberry. Frank Curzio, who writes from northern Florida, I think, has been pushing for royalty stocks, most recently patent and pharmaceutical royalties, for his expensive Phase 1 […]

“‘The Golden Cross’… Is It the Greatest Investment Secret Ever Played?” (Palm Beach Letter)

Note: This article was originally published as a Friday File for the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars on October 26. At that time I did not own shares personally, but I now do own shares and have an additional limit order in to buy more if the price drops. The ad has still been running recently, and […]

“The Technology Heist of The Decade” (Palm Beach Letter)

It’s been a few months since I last wrote about a teaser pitch from the Palm Beach Letter, the “entry level” letter from Common Sense Investing that was started in the last year or so by ex-Stansberry pundit Tom Dyson and marketing guru Michael Masterson/Mark Ford. (Yes, I say “entry level” even though this is […]

“Dividend Diluvia” and the “Fed Savings Account” Secret

I haven’t written much about the Palm Beach Letter, but Tom Dyson and Michael Masterson/Mark Ford have been given free reign to pitch their newsletter to most of the Agora and Stansberry mailing lists, it appears, so we sure see a lot of their ads. And lots of folks have been asking about this one, […]

Think Like a Rich Guy and Buy “Intrinsic Art”

The latest newsletter to head our way via a big and mysterious marketing pitch is called The Palm Beach Letter, signed by a guy named Mark Ford — who is apparently the same dude as Michael Masterson, who has for a long time been a big name in copywriting and self-help “work from home” marketing […]