“How a Company You’ve Never Heard of Could End Alzheimer’s Disease and Save America’s Financial Future”

That’s a subtle headline, right? I already issued a bit of a “brain dump” for the Irregulars this week, on Wednesday instead of Friday, but I couldn’t resist taking a little look at this latest teaser pitch from Patrick Cox for his Transformational Technology Alert. Quite a few readers have been asking about it, and […]

2014’s Turkey of the Year

It’s a tradition to give thanks at this time of the year, and one of the things we are supremely grateful for is the never-ceasing parade of promises that the financial newsletter industry throws our way in their perpetual search for new subscribers. After all, without those overhyped promises in their teaser ads we’d have […]

“The Scientists Who Really Might Find a Cure for Cancer,” plus some thoughts on seismic, hospitals and hedge funds

I’ve got a few thoughts for you on some companies I follow and own, and a little follow-up on last week’s chatter about hedge funds, but first I thought you’d like a quick teaser solution for your Friday File fun… The pitch is for Stephen Petranek’s Breakthrough Technology Alert — there’s been some discussion recently […]

Patrick Cox’s “Build Transformational Wealth from Three Tiny Companies”

Patrick Cox has found a new home — he has issued many a tempting teaser campaign over the years, and I was wondering what had happened to him after leaving his Breakthrough Technology Alert in the hands of Ray Blanco this Summer. Well, I can stop wondering — he jumped to a new publisher and […]

Transformational Technology Alert

Biotech/Emerging Tech Newsletter launched by Patrick Cox in second half of 2013, similar to the early-stage-tech newsletter Breakthrough Technology Alert that he ran for Agora for many years. Often recommends extremely small and speculative stocks.

“In Fat People We Do Trust” — Ray Blanco’s “100% effective weight loss solution” Stock

This particular ad hasn’t actually been completely lambasting my inbox this week, which is a surprise since the “cure for obesity” stocks usually gin up quite a bit of interest — being overweight is, after all, the plague of our time of overabundance and the cause of so many of our ills, both social and […]

Copies, Gold, DNA Security and Patents — a Friday File Hodgepodge

There’s been quite a bit going on in the companies that I follow both personally and for the Irregulars, so I want to check in on a few of these today — I’ll be taking at least a quick look at Sandstorm Metals and Sandstorm Gold, Invensense, Xerox, and maybe some other stuff will leak […]

The God Switch: Human Beings Become Immortal, We Become Rich?

This article originally ran on January 8, 2013. It has not been updated save for the addition of this brief introductory note. More recent ad pitches on this same topic that say the stock and ticker have been “hacked” probably refer to our coverage of the story, but the more recent ads do not appear […]

The best 19 cents you’ll ever spend… (Patrick Cox DNA Security Tease)

The odds will tell you that the stock we’re going to unveil today is probably a terrible stock to buy at the current price, since it’s a penny stock that has already been driven up by Patrick Cox’s subscribers and is getting a lot of attention for recent news … but we’re going to reveal […]

“The $10 billion jackpot awaiting whoever can stamp out the flu… and one small player that has the inside track”

If you ever want a dose of optimism, just read through (or listen to) any of the ads for Breakthrough Technology Alert — Patrick Cox will have you swelling with rosy thoughts about a future without disease or hardship, with a nice dose of 1,000,000% returns thrown in … that, after all, is the raison […]

“Live 20 Years Longer … Tobacco Resurrected!”

Now this is how a teaser ad should look! Any editor can promise huge gains — and heck, maybe even occasionally deliver on those dramatic gains if they get lucky or smart for a moment in time … but how many investment newsletters can tease that you’ll “live 20 years longer?” Here’s how Patrick Cox […]

Cox Picks: Alzheimer’s Fighter in Phase 1, Anti-Virus Patent Awardee to make us millions?

I always feel a swell of optimism when I read a teaser ad from Patrick Cox — something about his relentless happy-facing about the teensy tiny technology and biotech companies he loves just stirs me up a little bit, reminds me that the reason many of us dabble in microcap stocks, little mining companies, new […]

What’s Patrick Cox’s New Obesity-Fighting Teaser Drug Stock?

Patrick Cox is not a shy guy. I don’t think I’ve ever read one of his biotech teaser ads that didn’t leave me convinced (at least for a moment) that the world was about to be changed because of the newest potion or pill that his favorite little companies were developing. And this latest one […]

“Miracle Stem Cell ‘Cure’ Could Allow 10 Million Blind To See Again”

Curing the blind — that sounds lovely, eh? That’s the headline of the latest ad from Patrick Cox … … we’ve seen many overpromising ads from Cox’s Breakthrough Technology Alert over the years, and they never fail to catch the attention of the great Gumshoe readership. It is, after all, just the kind of thing […]

“Panakeia 604: Generations of Family Wealth From A Possible Panacea.”

Readers have been avidly forwarding the latest ad from Patrick Cox to me over the past week or so — he’s been pitching his Breakthrough Technology Alert newsletter ($695 “on sale” from the $2,000 “list price”, though as I’ve written about it over the years it’s pretty much always been “on sale”). So naturally, your […]

“The Last Stock You’ll Ever Need”

Yes, the title of this article is misleading, dangerous crap. Sorry, but I just took it directly from the ad — the ad I’m writing about today is from Patrick Cox for his Breakthrough Technology Alert, a relatively expensive ($895) newsletter that focuses on, well, breakthrough technologies, mostly stocks that we’d classify as biotechs or […]

“Breakthrough ‘Magic Bullet’ Technology Crushes Cancer Tumors Within 36 Hours…”

Patrick Cox is at it again with some teaseriffic promises — this time, we’re told that … “This is a Rare Opportunity to Own a Little-Known Biotech Company that’s Making Medical History…” Of course, nearly everything that passes through the floodgates here at Gumshoe HQ is a “rare opportunity” … otherwise, why on earth would […]