2011 Turkey of the Year

We have a charming little tradition here at Stock Gumshoe of picking out the stinkiest stock to have been teased over the past year, and calling it our “Turkey of the Year” come Thanksgiving time. It’s not particularly fair — certainly not to turkeys everywhere, and probably not to the newsletter folks who use breathless, […]

“$51 Billion Worth of Soviet Oil” Revisited

One of the all-time best-performing ideas in the history of stock teasers, right up there with NetFlix and Skyworth Digital, came to us from Christian DeHaemer as the first salvo in the enthusiastic battle of Mongolia’s resources. I first wrote about this pick of his back in February of 2010, when it was one of […]

Legally Raid China’s Pantry: Opportunity in Mongolia?

This article was originally published in February, it has been “lightly updated” in honor of the teaser ad’s resurgence in my email box. This teaser ad looks like it’s the launch of a new service from Christian DeHaemer, who has blessed us with a great many “Indiana Jones” teasers over the years, talking about the […]