“One Silicon Valley Company Set to Release an Advanced New Technology by March 31”

This ad is a re-hashing of a recommendation that Bill Patalon’s Private Briefing was touting back in October of 2015 — so I’m re-publishing the piece below so you can see the details about the company. It has not been updated or revised since 10/30/15. The ad has changed considerably since last Fall — back […]

What’s the “Miracle on Mount Ararat” Drug?

[ed. note: This article originally ran on October 6, 2015. The ad is circulating again and generating questions here at Stock Gumshoe, and it appears unchanged. The article that follows is also unchanged and has not been updated. The stock being teased by Money Morning is essentially unchanged in price from when this article was […]

2015 Turkey of the Year!

Every year, I scroll through the last twelve months or so of teaser picks and look for one that really stands out as the stinker of the bunch, to be called the Turkey of the Year and hold that place of honor at Thanksgiving time. Hopefully, we can all give thanks that we didn’t own […]

Friday File — Trump’s “Make America Great Again” Investment

This ad about a “Donald Trump investment” is sending a lot of questions our way, so we’re going to take a look at it for you in today’s Friday File… and I’ve also got an update on Sandstorm Gold to share, plus a quick look at the idea of “protection” from market declines and how […]

“The Next Blockbuster: Insiders are Grabbing This $6 Biotech – You Should, Too” sez Bill Patalon

This is one of the shorter teaser pitches I’ve ever covered — so, bonus for you, it’s also likelier to be one of my shorter articles! The spiel is an ad for Bill Patalon’s Private Briefing, which is one of those “greatest hits” newsletters … it’s intended to cherry-pick the “best” ideas from all the […]

Revealed: “How to Lock In 201% on TV’s Latest Commercial Phenom” (Bill Patalon’s Private Briefing)

I haven’t looked at a teaser pitch from Private Briefing for a while, that’s the “pay as you go” monthly newsletter from Bill Patalon at Money Map Press — in the interim, the it looks like the price has just about tripled to $19.99 a month (that’s $239.88 a year for those who are math […]

“Backdoor Loophole” into the “Biggest IPO in History”

There have been two pretty big promo campaigns about the Alibaba IPO in the last week or so — one from Bill Patalon in an ad for his Private Briefing, and the other from Mike Palmer for Jeff Clark’s S&A Short Report… so I thought we should try to take a look, answer some reader […]

“Help Destroy China’s ‘Internet Army'”

“Yesterday, I sent you an urgent briefing regarding China’s dangerous “Internet Army.” This situation is already moving fast. “The small tech company critical to crushing China’s attacks just won another contract for an undisclosed “data center”… its third multimillion-dollar contract in less than a month. “This is quickly turning into exactly the kind of win-win […]

Insider Buying and a teased “295% pop” to come?

“I Have Access to Financial Strategies That You Don’t Have… “And They Could Be Worth a Fortune “Starting with the Next 295% Extravaganza… “I just discovered a large, sudden and concentrated block of insider buying. “Please… pay attention to this… “I’m talking about 7 insiders, including the CEO and CFO. They just spent $353,000 on […]

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